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Boldra expresses her thoughts on the primary

First District candidate Sue Boldra sent out a letter to supporters that pulls zero punches on her thoughts on the 1st District primary, and her opponents. Continue reading


From the Sentinel: Federal funding imperative to rural Kansas

Kansas politicians routinely denounce out of control spending by Washington and call for a reduction of government. The reality of federal spending is more complicated, however, as federal money contributes in significant ways to the economy of Kansas Continue reading

Barnett vs Barnett – The Latest Installment

Here’s today’s installment of Barnett vs Barnett by the Huelskamp campaign. Today focuses on the Sunflower Plant Expansion. Tim Huelskamp’s campaign for Congress today pointed out the fact that in 2007, Jim Barnett told Kansas Public Radio that he was against the expansion of the coal-fired plant in Holcomb – despite the fact that Barnett … Continue reading

Sec. of State predicts low primary turnout

Kansas Secretary of State Chris Biggs is predicting a less than 20-percent voter turn-out for Tuesday’s primary election. Continue reading

Fort Hays Docking Institute releases Senate, KS-01 polls

Fort Hays State University’s Docking Institute released a pair of polls on the Kansas 1st District GOP primary and U.S. Senate races. The numbers are interesting to say the least. Continue reading

Sources come forward on Moran quid pro quo allegations

Both the Topeka Capital Journal and the Associated Press are reporting that Rep. Roy Blunt’s former Chief of Staff, Gregg Hartley, along with other unnamed sources in Congress and the Executive Branch, confirm that Rep. Jerry Moran asked for a fundraiser with then Secretary of Commerce Don Evans in return for a vote on a trade bill granting the president fast-track authority. Continue reading

Mann picks up Coburn endorsement

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn recently endorsed Salina Republican Tracey Mann in the 1st District primary. Continue reading

Barnett vs. Barnett – Day 4

The Huelskamp campaign is continuing to hammer away at Jim Barnett in their latest installment of Barnett vs. Barnett. Continue reading

New Tiahrt ad features Smith family

Greg and Missy Smith, who recently endorsed Tiahrt, are featured in his latest ad. Continue reading

Opinion: The ascendancy of the zampolit

I’m a Republican, and I enjoy our party’s rich intellectual history. We are the party of Lincoln, of Goldwater and of Reagan, drawing on the work of John Adams and Alexander Hamilton. We are also the party of Edmund Burke, the father of conservatism and Russell Kirk, who gave it its modern voice. We have, until recently, been a party that isn’t afraid of asking and exploring the big questions.
Continue reading