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New Tiahrt ad features Smith family

Greg and Missy Smith are featured in the latest Tiahrt ad. To see it, click here.

From the release:

Greg and Missey recently endorsed Tiahrt’s campaign noting that Todd listened and acted when they came to him to request help with federal legislation to mirror the Kansas Kelsey Smith Act.

“Todd Tiahrt met with Greg and Missey Smith and within a few short weeks had drafted legislation with their assistance to help them in their fight to protect other children from the tragic fate of their daughter, Kelsey,” explained Michelle Schroeder, spokesperson for the Tiahrt campaign. “Whether it is traveling to the Philippines to help Gracia Burnham, protecting Kansas firearm owners’ privacy, or introducing legislation to protect families from a tragedy like the Smith’s experienced, Todd has an unwavering commitment to every Kansas family. Todd is a proven leader who has shown time and again his tenacity in fighting to make our communities safer and stronger.”

The story told in this ad by Missey Smith is a story that is playing out across Kansas. Congressman Moran introduced a bill named after Kelsey Smith without contacting the Smith family. When the Smith’s mentioned this in their Tuesday press conference, Moran said the Smith’s were lying and that he had spoken with them several times.

When Dennis Hastert said Congressman Moran ran and hid after a tough vote, Moran called Hastert a liar. When Karl Rove said Moran had tried to trade his vote in exchange for a fundraiser from the President of the United States, Moran said Rove was a liar. When Congressman Moran’s chief of staff threatened Patricia Stoneking after the Kansas State Rifle Association endorsed Tiahrt, Moran said Patricia was lying. When Congressman Moran’s campaign manager threatened to unleash a personal character assassination campaign against David Gittrich with Kansans for Life, Moran said Gittrich was lying.

In the new TV ad, Missey Smith says, “Todd’s opponent (Jerry Moran) proposed a law in my child’s name.you don’t propose a law in someone’s child’s name and not even let them know you’re going to do it.”



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