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Joan Heffington is back…this time on YouTube. Continue reading


Public finance, continued

First, a bit of background.  You can start by reading my most recent Insight Kansas column where I question the benefits of Senate candidate Charles Schollenberger’s recent proposal to move to government-run and financed campaigning.  A few days ago, Schollenberger responded.  After reading Schollenberger’s response, I think it’s important to keep talking about this issue … Continue reading

Opinion: The price we all pay

I’ll admit that I wasn’t former President George W. Bush’s biggest fan, but let’s give credit where credit is due. He knew who the enemy really was. So when I see people get worked up over things like a mosque blocks away from ground zero in New York, I wonder why more people don’t follow his lead. Continue reading

Roberts endorses Moran

U.S. Senator Pat Roberts formally threw his support behind Republican nominee Rep. Jerry Moran to succeed Sen. Sam Brownback in the Senate. Continue reading

Numbers don’t match Kobach’s message

Voter fraud has become a hot topic in the race for Kansas Secretary of State, as Republican nominee Kris Kobach has made it a central plank in his campaign. However, looking at statistics, there seems to be a disconnect between Kobach’s message on voter fraud and the reality of the situation. Continue reading

Analysis: AG’s race will come down to having a record versus being Republican

The state’s Republican party is aiming to take back every seat possible in Topeka. After eight years of Democrat rule and consequental Democrat appointments, GOP candidates are fighting hard to regain control in Topeka. Continue reading

Libertarian candidate announces education plan

The state’s Libertarian candidate for governor, Andrew Gray, may not be a big name in Kansas, but he has big plans for the state. Continue reading

Brownback/Colyer endorsed by state troopers association

The gubernatorial campaign of Republicans Sam Brownback and Jeff Colyer was endorsed by the Kansas State Troopers Association. Continue reading

Huelskamp endorsed by KFB, Jilka accuses group of abandoning farmers

Republican Tim Huelskamp was endorsed by the Kansas Farm Bureau today, with a strong statement of support by KFB President Steve Baccus. The Jilka campaign, however, was not amused. Continue reading

The Third Party Option

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gray issued his first major press release Wednesday hitting hard on the topic of education. Continue reading