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Boldra expresses her thoughts on the primary

First District candidate Sue Boldra sent out a letter to supporters that pulls zero punches on her thoughts on the 1st District primary, and her opponents. It is quoted in its entirety below.

I am, once more, encouraging you to vote on Aug.3. It is predicted to be a very close election and I still have a great deal of faith in the democratic process. We are truly testing the system to see if a grassroots candidacy can be successful.

As you all know, 2 of the 5 men in this race moved to Kansas for the “opportunity” – one of them has never even voted in the first district because he hasn’t lived here since he was 17, the other has only voted in our district once and that occurred in 2008 when he was living in his aunt’s basement.

Two other candidates have served in the Kansas state legislature, one for 10 years and one for 14 years. Huelskamp has a 13% voting record for education. He doesn’t want education funded!!!! Looking at the economy of Kansas right now, why on earth would we send either one of these men to Washington?

All four of the “big money boys” have received most of their money from out of state or out of district. All of them have been to Washington D.C. for fundraisers with special interests and lobbyists. Even more revealing, is the fact that they continue to pander their “love for Kansas” and their interest in helping Kansas businesses grow. However, those four have invested up to 80% of their campaign funds in hiring advertising agencies (for all of the radio and television media and the slick paperwork and robo calls that we endure daily) and campaign managers from out of state. Mann’s come from Ohio, Barnett’s from Virginia, Huelskamp’s from Tennessee, and Wasinger’s from California and Maryland.

You all know me. You know that my money was raised in the first district, except for the money that has come from former students across the U.S. and my daughter and her husband on the East Coast. All of my money for advertising, shirts, candy, etc. has been spent right here in the first district – no high powered ad agency or campaign staff from other states.

My background is agriculture (we still own the farm on which I grew up), small business (most of you remember Sportsman’s Supply), and education (middle school, high school, and now Fort Hays State).

Please help to send a real fiscal conservative, someone who strongly believes in term limits, and someone who knows Kansas first hand to Washington to represent all of us. You know that I will be home most every weekend because this is our home and it always will be.

Please vote on Aug. 3 or go to the court house for advanced voting if you plan to be busy or out of town on the 3rd.

Our form of democracy is very fragile. It will take a nation of strong citizens to return to Constitutional principles and to restore our republic.


One thought on “Boldra expresses her thoughts on the primary

  1. I disagree with so many things in this letter it is hard to even begin.
    • Who cares if Wasinger and Mann were recent returners? They’re both young, so they really haven’t had time to move around much. Such is life.
    • Her comment on Huelskamp and his education voting record is crap. The vote likely came by him not voting to tax us to death to fund education, which has room to cut, in my opinion. While I wish he could’ve had more influence, I applaud him for his dedication to taxpayers.
    • I’m not sure how many ad agencies there are in Kansas, but I’d prefer to let the free market work, rather than requiring the use of an in-state agency. Does she want to restrict choice? Because I was under the impression she was pro-choice. I’m confused.
    • She touts being a “real fiscal conservative.” Somehow I think she would’ve voted for the 1% sales tax increase.
    This candidate is so far on the bottom of my list, well below that Cobb guy I know nothing about.

    Posted by backroadsnewsroom | July 30, 2010, 5:11 pm

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