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Huelskamp snags endorsements

Senator Tim Huelskamp announced a slew of legislative endorsements Monday as part of his bid to replace Rep. Jerry Moran in Washington. The endorsements are from state Representatives and Senators in districts across the Big First.  “This list of endorsements proves what our campaign has known all along – that Tim Huelskamp is the favorite candidate … Continue reading

Parkinson responds to veto critique

Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson responded to a critique of his vetoes yesterday by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, which were included in a press release from the Tim Huelskamp campaign. Said the governor: I understand that as the Legislature heads home in an election year, things tend to take a political turn. However, I find … Continue reading

Moran finally throws an elbow

Not content with letting Todd Tiahrt have all the fun, the Jerry Moran campaign threw some fire of its own today, referencing a vote on a resolution honoring American soldiers that Tiahrt missed to be at a fundraiser. It should be noted that 1) this expresses the opinion of the House without force of law … Continue reading

More on investigation involving Tiahrt

From today’s Sentinel: A ethics probe that included Rep. Todd Tiahrt, and was believed to be resolved by the House Ethics Committee, resurfaced Thursday, as the board of the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) voted unanimously to forward evidence of possible wrongdoing to the Department of Justice. “The evidence pertains to a factual finding by … Continue reading

Huelskamp responds to vetoes

GOP 1st  Congressional District candidate and  State Sen. Tim Huelskamp responded to Governor Mark Parkinson’s vetoes of his EPA resolution and a budget amendment defunding Planned Parenthood in a strongly worded press release today. “By vetoing these provisions, the Governor has thrown his political support to left-wing political interests like Planned Parenthood and those who … Continue reading

Wasinger continues push for veto

Rob Wasinger’s campaign continued its call for a veto of Huelskamp’s EPA amendment with a letter to Governor Mark Parkinson ask for his support in removing the resolution from the budget legislation.  “As you know, this Friday, May 28th is the last day for you to veto the poorly-written and flawed EPA Amendment sponsored by Senator Huelskamp … Continue reading

PMA investigation flares up again

The Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) unanimously voted to refer evidence from its investigation of defunct lobbying firm PMA Associates to the Department of Justice Thursday, potentially re-igniting an investigation involving Rep. Todd Tiahrt. In February, the OCE recommended the House Ethics Committee investigate Tiahrt and Indiana Congressman Peter Visclosky for possibly tying earmark requests … Continue reading

New Moran ad

Interesting non-response response here.

‘Moran Mythbusters’ campaign debuts

The Tiahrt campaign is continuing to hammer on Jerry Moran with a new radio ad campaign called the “Moran Mythbusters Project,” which, according to the press release will, “…refute, through well documented and undeniable proof, the myriad of myths which Congressman Moran repeats on the campaign trail. The Moran Mythbusters’ first myth is a cornerstone … Continue reading

Unintended consequences

As was said yesterday, this is kinda funny – emphasis on kinda. The truth is it’s a small mistake in an otherwise ominous ad. It’s stock footage that probably wouldn’t have been noticed if we in the media hadn’t pointed it out (we’re good at that). However, in keeping with the law of unintended consequences, … Continue reading