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Barnett vs. Barnett – Day 4

The Huelskamp campaign is continuing to hammer away at Jim Barnett in their latest installment of  Barnett vs. Barnett.

From the release:

“Jim Barnett was pushing for government mandates in healthcare long before Obamacare came onto the scene,” said Huelskamp spokesman David Ray. “Barnett has flip-flopped on every major issue in this race in a desperate effort to convince voters that he’s a conservative.”

Jim Barnett has made the idea of “repealing Obamacare” the entire rationale for supporting his candidacy. Barnett even includes the words “Repeal It” along the bottom on his campaign signs. Yet in 2007, Senator Jim Barnett introduced SB 309, a piece of legislation known as the Kansas Health Care Connector Act, which contains many of the key provisions present in Obamacare, such as an individual health care insurance mandate for all Kansans as well as giving the government the authority to withhold tax refunds and garnish wages up to $10,000 of those who fail to purchase insurance through the government exchange. The legislation would have also imposed massive new employer mandates.

In January 2008, Barnett also toured the state of Kansas with liberal Governor Kathleen Sebelius to push their big-government 21-point healthcare plan. The Barnett-Sebelius proposal included new health care mandates, a big tax increase, and an unprecedented expansion of government-funded health care coverage.

Now, Barnett is being funded by liberal medical groups like the American Association of Family Physicians (AAFP), a group that endorsed Obamacare and also supports President Obama’s new radical CMS director, Donald Berwick. AAFP recently gave Senator Barnett $5,000, the maximum amount allowed under federal law.


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