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Barnett vs Barnett – The Latest Installment

Here’s today’s installment of Barnett vs Barnett by the Huelskamp campaign. Today focuses on the Sunflower Plant Expansion.

Tim Huelskamp’s campaign for Congress today pointed out the fact that in 2007, Jim Barnett told Kansas Public Radio that he was against the expansion of the coal-fired plant in Holcomb – despite the fact that Barnett falsely claims he has been for it all along. 

“The easiest way to tell what Jim Barnett’s position on an issue will be is to determine first whether it is an election year or not,” said Huelskamp spokesman David Ray. “Barnett was against the Holcomb plant expansion in 2007, but of course now that he’s trying to get to Congress, he says he’s in favor of it.”

A Kansas Public Radio story from December 2, 2007 stated that: 

“A leading Republican in the Kansas Senate is breaking ranks with many of his GOP colleagues on whether Kansas should regulate carbon emissions from power plants. Senator Jim Barnett of Emporia, who is also a practicing physician, says he thinks Health Secretary Rod Bremby was right in considering the health effects of carbon emissions when he denied a permit for two new coal-fired power plants in western Kansas.”

Barnett has since flip-flopped on the Sunflower plant, telling the Kiowa County Signal that “I was all for that project because of the jobs, tax base and energy production that would have resulted.” Barnett also falsely claimed during a debate in Liberal on June 22 that he had always been in favor of the Sunflower plant expansion.

Barnett’s past support of regulation of carbon would mean huge job losses for key industries in Kansas. His refusal to sign the “No Climate Tax” pledge from Americans for Prosperity only indicates that if elected, he would continue to hinder economic growth and prosperity in Kansas and around the country. 

Tim Huelskamp, on the other hand, has always been a strong proponent of the Sunflower plant expansion in Holcomb. 


About Jonathan Shorman

A journalism student at The University of Kansas and columnist for The University Daily Kansan.


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