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ATT/T-Mobile block applauded by Brownback

In a brief departure from his usual anti-regulation rhetoric, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback applauded the recent decision by the U.S. Dept. of Justice to block a merger between AT&T and T-Mobile. Brownback issues a statement along with Rep. Kevin Yoder that said that such a merger “could threaten telecom related jobs, potentially having a negative … Continue reading

Gov. Sam Brownback gestures towards tax reform

Gov. Sam Brownback suggested Monday that he may be gearing up for a renewed push in support of state tax reform when the Kansas legislature reconvenes in January. He spoke in Topeka following an address by officials from Kansas City’s Federal Reserve Bank, telling finance leaders and members of legislature that Kansas needs to act … Continue reading

Renewed anti-Brownback sentiment surges

It seems that as this summer’s oppressive heat subsides organizations angry with Gov. Brownback’s decisions are waking from a sun-induced daze. Last spring saw a swarm of anti-Brownback sentiment over a host of different issues, most related to his handling of the state’s budget. ¬†One of the most popular causes against the governor was in … Continue reading

Brownback meetings focus on higher ed

In the latest in a recent rash of meetings on Kansas higher education, Gov. Sam Brownback told those attending an economic summit that higher education must be fine tuned to aid the state’s economy. Central to such changes, said Brownback, are a streamlining of community colleges and universities, moving students from two-year to four-year institutions … Continue reading