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Rep. Huelskamp, Sen. Moran, Sen. Roberts

Huelskamp receives high Heritage marks

A recent Heritage Action scorecard has awarded Rep. Tim Huelskamp high marks for demonstrated conservatism.

The freshman congressman and Tea Party advocate received the highest score of all Kansas legislators, boasting a 89% on the scorecard.  Scores are calculated for representatives based on 30 specific votes from the last congressional session.

Other Kansas politicians did not fare quite as well as Huelskamp, although all avoided being delegated among the ranks of America’s Democrats.  Among them, Sen. Jerry Moran received a 78% and Sen. Pat Roberts a 71%.

Roberts’ relatively low score was just enough to keep him within the top 50th percentile among fellow Republicans.  Senators were graded on only 19 votes as well as four conservative co-sponsorships, ranging in purpose from ending global warming regulations to circumventing No Child Left Behind laws.

The scorecard was published by Heritage Action for America, a sister organization of the conservative Heritage Foundation.  According to the groups website, Heritage Action is “a grassroots organization that promotes conservative policies in Congress. Our DC-based staff amplifies local activists’ voices, allowing Americans to break through the establishment in Washington, ensuring Members of Congress get the message.”

Topping the list nationally was Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina at 99%, failing to get full marks only because he did not sponsor Bill #s693-112 to end government control of Sallie Mae and Freddie Mac.  35 Democrats shared scores of 0% at the bottom of the list.



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