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Judge orders Planned Parenthood paid

In the latest installment of an ongoing funding saga, a federal judge ordered Wednesday that the State of Kansas provide quarterly payments to Planned Parenthood pending the completion of the case in court.

A state law enacted earlier this year would restrict Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri from receiving family planning funds from either the state or federal government.  The funds, allocated to Planned Parenthood through Title X, are provided to aid in assisting low-income individuals receive cancer screenings, birth control, and testing for sexually transmitted illnesses.  None of the funds can be used to help pay for abortive procedures.

The judge’s decision reinstates Planned Parenthood’s previous levels of state funding as it sues Kansas to receive such payments in the future.  Without them, argues the organization, it cannot continue to provide its current level of service.

Reflecting such financial limitations, Planned Parenthood had stated that without reinstatement of the payments it would have been forced to close its Hays office and eliminate low-income payment options on Friday.

The Kansas Department of Heath and Environment had previously been told to reinstate funding over a month ago.  Wednesday’s court order demands that funding be resumed immediately.  If the state continues to ignore the court’s decision it may face legal ramifications from the federal government.



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