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Rep. Huelskamp

Huelskamp hosts Vietnamese ambassador

Rep. Huelskamp took time on Wednesday to show newly appointed Ambassador of Vietnam to the United States the way things are done in Kansas.

The day took His Excellency Nguyen Quoc Cuong to various sites around Washington, Kan., including stops at a pig farm and an area bank.

During a luncheon at the bank the two shared their views on prospective trade agreements between the the U.S. and Vietnam.  Such agreements are currently being negotiated that would open up markets not only in Vietnam but in other Asian countries that are interested in buying American agricultural products.

“The majority of the world’s consumers live outside the United States’ borders,” Huelskamp said, “and the government should not stand in the way of American farmers and producers selling their goods to them.”

Cuong’s visit comes as Huelskamp ratchets up pressure on the Obama administration  to proceed with fair trade agreements with Korea, Colombia and Panama.  The agreements have been awaiting approval from the president for over a month.  If signed, they still require Congressional support, which Huelskamp believes is in place.

“Our state is likely export $106 million in agricultural goods to Korea, $21 million to Colombia, and $1 million to Panama,” Huelskamp said in a weekly press release.  “Members of both parties understand the significant economic impact these agreements would provide to each of the 50 states.”



One thought on “Huelskamp hosts Vietnamese ambassador

  1. I joined the delegation and Congressman Huelskamp for dinner after the tour. Evidently the ambassador was impressed with the visit and with the fact that the hog operation is supplied locally with feed, which was also something he was paying attention to during the tour (we’ve been fortunate to have ample rain in August and our crops look pretty good). The ambassador’s wife was impressed with how clean the hog facility was (they toured a finishing facility) because their interest was in food safety and food quality.
    That said, I almost find it humorous that food safety and food quality in the U.S. would even be questioned by someone from a part of the world where modern agricultural practices are almost non-existent. Hopefully he can bring this information back to Vietnam and help increase trade between our countries.

    Posted by backroadsnewsroom | August 26, 2011, 4:47 pm

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