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Gov. Brownback

Brownback meetings focus on higher ed

In the latest in a recent rash of meetings on Kansas higher education, Gov. Sam Brownback told those attending an economic summit that higher education must be fine tuned to aid the state’s economy.

Central to such changes, said Brownback, are a streamlining of community colleges and universities, moving students from two-year to four-year institutions without wasting time and resources.  Under current conditions, students often have to retake some classes when transferring to new educational programs.

Those in attendance pressed the governor, asserting that the success of educational programs rely on ample and steady state funding.

One week earlier Brownback was in Pittsburg, trying to sell the idea that colleges and universities should judge their progress based on annual U.S. World and News Report rankings to a skeptical Board of Regents.  Despite his insistence that a simple, abbreviated method of measuring achievement is needed, the board argued that other options, which utilized different scoring methods and which are not produced strictly for sale to the public.

In the days surrounding the meeting, the Board of Regents told media sources that they hoped to form a better relationship with state representatives and the governor through better communication and a healthier rapport.



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