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Huelskamp opposes ‘card check’

First District Congressman Tim Huelskamp proposed an amendment to the continuing federal budget resolution that would prohibit any effort to replace the secret ballot in union elections.

Currently, the Obama Administration is supporting the “card check,” or majority sign up method of union organization, where a union would be recognized by a majority of workers signing a card indicating their preference to be represented by a union.

Should more than 50 percent of workers sign such a card, the union would be recognized. The AFL-CIO supports this, as opposed to a secret ballot election, saying the company has too much influence in the federally-supervised election process.

“A democratic society relies on the use of a secret ballot. Any attempt by unions to organize workers without the protections of a secret ballot could open the door for corruption and give unions a tool to intimidate workers,” Huelskamp said. “A Democrat-controlled Congress and White House could not pass card check in the last Congress because they knew they couldn’t convince the public to take the private ballot away from American workers,” Huelskamp continued, saying, “This amendment sends a clear message that this Congress will not tolerate the Executive Branch avoiding a vote on Card Check by our elected representatives while skirting the rule of law so they can overturn the right of a private vote in the workplace by the American people.”

The house is expected to vote on this amendment sometime this week.




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