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Holland challenges Brownback to 10 debates

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Tom Holland has thrown down the gauntlet to Republican nominee Sam Brownback, challenging him to ten debates prior to the November election.

Holland chose the same number of debates Brownback proposed to Shelia Frahm in 1996, when he ran for Senate.

The letter reads:

Congratulations again on winning your primary election. Too often voters are unable to cut through the partisan bickering and political rhetoric surrounding candidates for office. That is why an honest and open debate on the issues would benefit the people of Kansas as they choose

the next Governor of our Great State.

Therefore, I formally invite you to ten debates, at least one in each Congressional District, each hosted and moderated by a nonpartisan group, media outlet or academic institution.

In 1996, in your challenge to Sheila Frahm, you proposed debating Ms. Frahm ten times. I admire your willingness then to engage in those debates, and I look forward to an equally rigorous discussion of the issues.

There are many challenges facing Kansas. As the voters decide who is best suited to lead our state through these challenges, they stand to benefit from a public discussion of the issues.

Representing our campaign in negotiating these debate parameters will be former Lt. Governor Tom Docking. Please have a representative from your campaign contact Mr. Docking at (email redacted).

Thank you for your time and continued commitment to public service.


Senator Tom Holland

Candidate for Kansas Governor



One thought on “Holland challenges Brownback to 10 debates

  1. 1994 or 2010, ten debates in three months is a lot and by number five at least, viewership would be next to nothing if they were televised. Are there really any undecideds in this particular race? I doubt it.
    I could see two or three as a reasonable goal, but I know I won’t be watching any. I’ll just read the recap.
    I say debates in the primaries are a good thing.
    Debates in this race are only opportunities for Holland to use Brownback for publicity.

    Posted by backroadsnewsroom | August 5, 2010, 11:28 am

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