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More Moran intimidation allegations

The Tiahrt campaign is pulling out all the stops when it comes to finding people who have been intimidated by Jerry Moran’s campaign, adding David Gittrich of Kansans for Life to the list.

“Congressman Moran’s inappropriate threats and intimidation tactics toward Kansas citizens has to end. Kansans should not have to fear Chicago-style threats from Congressman Moran or his staff simply because they don’t support his campaign. There is no place in Kansas for these actions,” said Michelle Schroeder, spokesperson for the Tiahrt campaign.

Gittrich added the following, in his own release from KFL:

After learning about threats the Moran campaign made towards Patricia Stoneking, President of the Kansas State Rifle Association, I have come to the conclusion that I too should have the courage to make public an eerily similarly threat I received from the very same congressional staffer.

Kansans for Life PAC has voted to endorse Todd Tiahrt. About a month ago, KFL PAC was publicizing an encounter between Karl Rove and Jerry Moran. This triggered a very angry and threatening phone call from Todd Novascone whom I know to be an official member of Jerry Moran’s congressional staff.

Novascone threatened me and Kansans for Life that if we did anything additional for Todd Tiahrt in a general way that he would come after Kansans for Life and me personally. In fact I recall him saying, “I have a lot of dirt on you going back to your days in high school”. He also threatened to undermine and discredit the Kansans for Life organization. I was shocked at the threatening nature of the call.

I don’t believe there is any place for these types of threats in Kansas politics especially from a campaign that is running on the theme that their opponent is engaged in a negative campaign.

Todd Novascone served in the Kansas State Legislature but this is not the Todd Novascone I remember. I have come to the conclusion that this pattern of threatening organizations and individuals that have expressed public support for Todd Tiahrt is being directed from the candidate himself.

David Gittrich

Member of Kansans For Life Political Action Committee Board



11 thoughts on “More Moran intimidation allegations

  1. This is the most biased blog post I’ve read here (outside of the Moran endorsement). “Pulling out all the stops”? That’s rather value laden, isn’t it. People are reporting that Moran’s campaign people are threatening organizations who endorse Tiahrt and they’re rightly passing the information along. Are you pulling out all the stops now in your effort to get Moran elected?

    Posted by altevogt | July 28, 2010, 3:42 pm
  2. Honestly, I’m beyond caring who wins anymore. I just want this sophomoric, ridiculous, glorified conservative beauty pageant to end.

    Posted by Sean Wardwell | July 28, 2010, 3:57 pm
  3. Well said Sean.

    Posted by mcphersonbulldog | July 28, 2010, 4:13 pm
  4. I would tend to agree, but that wasn’t my point. My point addressed your use of value laden terminology to describe Tiahrt’s behavior. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that someone running around threatening the other side’s endorsers, someone like Moran’s staff was pulling out all the stops?

    Posted by altevogt | July 28, 2010, 4:35 pm
  5. I think that you’re reading too much into a throwaway rhetorical device. It was the phrase that came to mind, and I don’t believe it has a negative connotation. I use it in the sense that it’s the last week of the campaign and it’s all hands on deck. Everyone, everywhere who is running for office and facing an election this week will pull out all the stops. That’s all.

    Posted by Sean Wardwell | July 28, 2010, 4:41 pm
  6. Gotcha.

    Posted by altevogt | July 28, 2010, 5:24 pm
  7. I just want this sophomoric, ridiculous, glorified conservative beauty pageant to end.

    Sean, I am disappointed to see not only your dismissive attitude, but insouciance mixed with contempt.

    The difference between the candidates is dramatic. For example, consider the Kelsey Smith legislation. Todd Tiahrt worked with the family to craft a bill to prevent others from needlessly suffering the fate of Kelsey. Jerry Moran ignored the family and used the incident to draft a bill to further Moran’s interests. Moran’s bill does not ensure that phone companies cooperate with law enforcement. This is why Kelsey’s parents, Greg and Missy Smith, endorsed Tiahrt (http://bit.ly/dqbZx8).

    I understand that your left-wing publisher constrains what you can write. But to have the scope of your moral vision be so constricted that you would write what you wrote indicates that you need to broaden the range of your sight. I recommend The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitzen and Witness, by Whittaker Chambers.

    On Tuesday Kansas Republicans will choose between the dishonest, self-serving, attempted intimidator Jerry Moran and honest conservative Todd Tiahrt. For the sake of Kansas and America, vote for Tiahrt.

    Posted by jeffersonmorris | July 28, 2010, 11:35 pm
  8. Sir, my contempt is palatable, tangible and so very, very real. It is birthed in a profound disappointment in what the process has become. There is only a choice, for me at least, between the lesser of who cares. Indeed, insouciance is a most excellent word to describe my feelings.

    You are right in that my publisher (who, for the record, is hardly what I would call “left-wing”) constrains me from unleashing the entirety of my contempt, which, if vented all at once, would most likely produce a mushroom cloud.

    Everyone seems to be under the impression that I am this die-hard Moran fan. This is not any truer than someone saying that I am a die-hard Tiahrt fan. I’ve met both men, held conversations with both men, and while I find their company generally agreeable, I see them for what they truly are – politicians. Not statesmen. Not leaders. Not messiahs. They are all simply politicians and they are all equally replaceable. They’re supposed to be.

    I have read Solzhenitsyn (Some of Gulag and all of “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich”) I consider myself to be a disciple of George Orwell, both philosophically and as a writer. I know my Huxley, my Zamyatin, my More and my Graham Greene. I can even toss in a little Marcus Aurelius. I’ll be more than happy to include H.L. Mencken (a personal favorite). The base total of what I have gleaned from these people is that nothing is as good as it seems, nobody is as perfect as they claim and happy are those that trust in their own judgement as opposed to that of the masses. I learned skepticism from these people, and not to take small events so seriously. I’m sorry, but that’s what an off-year partisan primary is – a small event.

    What I am really begging for, and have been begging for throughout this electoral cavalcade of mediocrity, is for someone to give me a reason to vote for them, and not a reason to vote against someone else. Give me a vision. Give me something to believe in. Give me a better state and nation to work for. Engage my imagination and challenge my preconceptions. Inspire me. Do all of these things, and more, please. Just don’t give me any more “I’m a ‘real’ conservative.” Don’t give me more fear. Don’t insult my intelligence with small words and cheap slogans. Just be brave and talk about big ideas in big ways. We’re grownups and we can handle it. Did we get this? No. Consider what I’m asking for, imagine you asked for it too, and then talk to me of contempt. I think we’ll have much in common on that day.

    I keep expecting better from people like Moran and Tiahrt, and I keep getting disappointed. Yet, I keep coming back for more. I can’t decide if that’s faith in America triumphant, or simply the kind of insanity you find when one keeps doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. Time (along with my bar tab) will tell.

    In closing, my feelings can be best summed up by Ernest Hemingway.

    “The age demanded that we dance
    And jammed us into iron pants
    And in the end the age was handed
    The sort of s**t that it demanded.”

    Posted by Sean Wardwell | July 29, 2010, 12:40 am
  9. Thanks for joining the conversation. Nice post.

    Posted by altevogt | July 29, 2010, 12:58 am
  10. Well thanks Sean. I rarely have my assertions confirmed with such rhetorical flourish.

    You want big ideas? How about equal justice under law, a commitment to the Constitution, one person one vote, a government that serves everyone, that protects the innocent and punishes criminals? How about liberty without the coercive intrusion of the Federal government? How about judging people based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin? How about the rule of law and not men? That is my vision for America, and those are the big ideas I want realized, which is why I support Todd Tiahrt.

    It is not the purpose of the Government to inspire you, engage your imagination or challenge your preconceptions. Government is not the source of salvation, but it can become the instrument of tyranny.

    The current Congress and Administration are busy implementing a despotic, tyrannical vision, based on change you can believe in. They claim they are giving you a better state and nation to work for. If they succeed, at best we will be reduced to a European socialist state. At worst, we face the same type of regime Solzhenitsyn did. I shall vote against that vision at every opportunity. It seems our respective political philosophies ensure that our visions are irreconcilable.

    However, I must salute you for correctly spelling judgement. Bravo sir.

    Posted by jeffersonmorris | July 29, 2010, 1:30 am
  11. So, if I understand you correctly, it’s socialist for politicians to use big words and inspire us to do our best? I grew up in the Reagan years, and I recall him doing that a lot. I believe in all the things you mention, but somehow they seem to lose their force when delivered through the filter of misplaced hero worship. They seem less sincere, and more opportunistic.

    It’s a stretch, to say the least, to compare Obama with Stalin. What we face here is completely unlike that, and it is overheated, unrealistic hyperbole like yours that lead most reasonable people to believe conservatives have never read a history book in their lives. It’s killing the party. I’m a Republican. I’m not a fan of Obama. Yet, based on a response that listed a few more books than you did and asked for a little rhetorical flourish and inspiration on the part of those demanding my vote, you seem eager to dismiss my words. Call me a RINO if you want, but I guarantee that you will leave this party before I do.

    Posted by Sean Wardwell | July 29, 2010, 8:30 am

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