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Schollenberger hits Haley

A press release from the Charles Schollberger campaign alleges that fellow Democratic candidate for US Senate David Haley is touting endorsements he doesn’t have.

Sen. Haley was distributing campaign literature earlier this month stating that he was endorsed by “Organized Labor.” When confronted with charges that the group hadn’t even met yet to interview candidates, or review their endorsement questionnaires, Haley replied that he had been “promised” the endorsements.

The confrontation came at a meeting of the Kansas City Star editorial board on July 12 when Charles Schollenberger, himself a candidate for U.S. Senate, asked Haley why he was claiming to have endorsements that he didn’t have.

Later the Tri-County Labor Council of Eastern Kansas, in Kansas City, Kan., decided not to issue endorsements in the Kansas U.S. Senate race.

The other large regional labor group – the Wichita/Hutchinson Labor Federation of Central Kansas, of Wichita, Kan., – mailed questionnaires to candidates in June. A letter accompanying the questionnaire said endorsement interviews were planned for mid-to-late August with endorsements to follow in early September.

Since Sen. Haley was confronted earlier this month, the words “Organized Labor” have disappeared from his list of endorsements in his campaign literature.

“Sen. Haley’s actions in claiming endorsements that he didn’t have are an excellent example of why people are fed up with politics and politicians,” Schollenberger said, “and it’s another reason why Democratic voters should choose a non-career politician on Aug. 3 to represent them in the U.S. Senate.”



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