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Prairie Politics v 2.0

There will be several things ending on Aug. 4. Many campaigns will shut their doors, and we’ll stop seeing the stream of press releases that give this site a lot of its content (and conflict). We’re planning for that day, because we don’t want this blog to die out. We have way too much fun doing it, and its getting between 700 and 1,000 hits a day.

Right now, you’re looking at what I like to call Prairie Politics v. 1.5. After Aug. 4, we’re going to start looking at v 2.0. What will that mean? First, Katie and I will, most likely, take this private – meaning it will no longer be a project of the McPherson Sentinel. We’re a local paper that took advantage of a perfect news storm in the 1st District and the Senate. We’ll be amazed if we see any races like these in the near future. Taking it private will give us the freedom to do a few more things with it.

What things? For starters, a complete site redesign. We like WordPress, and will stick with it, but we’ll also pump a little more money into it.  We’ll also start looking at more national stories, and try to localize them to this state. No doubt, the folks in Topeka will keep us in stories as well.

We’d love to hear any suggestions from you on how to make the site better. We look forward to seeing most of you after the primary, and its ensuing hangovers and post-partisan depression.

Seven more days…



One thought on “Prairie Politics v 2.0

  1. Though I’m ready for the Primaries to be over, I will miss the banter on this site.

    My suggestions:

    1. Buy the prairiepolitics domain name and get rid of the wordpress part of the url. It’s only $15 or so, and do it quick before some Dems get it and attempt to blog under your past effort.

    2. Keep posting regularly. I’ve followed to many “unbiased” Kansas political blogs that can’t seem to post very often unless their particular guy or gal does something interesting. Right now, I think this is the best political blog in Kansas because I enjoy the debates we have on here. I do wish there were fewer anonymous commenters though.

    3. Don’t look at child porn on your computer (or at all). You’ll get caught and charges will be filed and your blog, like the formerly popular Kansas Jackass blog, will have a bad reputation for the rest of its life.

    4. Insert this blog into the center of political discussion in Kansas by getting original content from elected officials on topics of the day, etc. Make it the go-to place for the behind the scenes news on Kansas politics, rather than just press releases.

    5. Maybe recruit a Democrat to give occasional views on here. Otherwise conservatives and moderates will fight amongst themselves, and that isn’t good for the Republican party. Having all the different viewpoints expressed will allow for a “point-counterpoint” scenario that could be very fun.

    Anyway, I’m sure I’ll enjoy anything you do with this and glad to hear you’re going to try to keep it rolling. Keep up the good work.


    Posted by backroadsnewsroom | July 27, 2010, 11:10 am

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