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KC Young Republicans Endorse Moran

The Kansas City Young Republicans announced today that it was endorsing Jerry Moran for U.S. Senate. The group consists of more than 300 young professionals- ages 18 to 40- from mainly the state’s third district.

“Jerry has strong character, integrity and straightforwardness that have led him to always put fiscal conservatism and Kansas ahead of Washington’s special interests,” Said Mike Bonomo, President of the Kansas City Young Republicans. “He is exactly what we’re looking for in a leader and we look forward to help electing him as Kansas’ next Senator.”

This is the first young republicans group in the state to endorse a candidate for Senate.


About Katie Stockstill-Sawyer

I am a city girl that is learning about life on the farm. I met and married a fourth-generation farmer, Derek. I am now a farmer's wife and country girl. The move has required a few changes and a lot of learning. But I wouldn't change my new life and all of the little lessons and surprises it provides.


5 thoughts on “KC Young Republicans Endorse Moran

  1. This tells me one thing… Moran’s campaign is getting very worried.

    A quick check of this group’s website will tell you that they hold their meetings in Missouri and most of their members live in MO. You will also find on their website that two of the group’s leaders list volunteer/staff positions with Moran’s campaign.

    Moran is lagging far behind Tiahrt in the endorsement battle, and this is what they choose to pull out the last week of the campaign? This just draws attention to the fact that nearly every national conservative leader–besides the Senators who live with Moran at the “C Street” house in Washington, D.C.–have endorsed Tiahrt.

    Palin… Hannity… Rove… NRA… Tea Party… Tancredo… Dr. Dobson… Forbes… vs. some group from Missouri?

    Really should tell you something.

    Posted by robertgcombs | July 26, 2010, 11:42 am
  2. Glad to see Moran get the support of the KCYRs….so what if their Membership Director is also Jerry’s Finance Director. Another endorsement paid for by Moran…congrats.

    Posted by rinofighter | July 26, 2010, 12:32 pm
  3. Actually, you know this sounds more desperate from the Tiahrt campaign. What should you possibly care that there is an endorsement from anyone for Moran if you are so proud of all the Tiahrt endorsements—and he is “so far ahead”? I’m getting quite fatigued by all the “endorsement frenzy” myself….beginning to believe there is an “ENDORSEMENT CZAR” in the Tiahrt campaign to gather up, by whatever means, anyone possible……

    Why can’t the Tiahrt campaign ever rest on their own merits—anyone notice that nearly everything that comes from this campaign or from his supporters just HAS to include something negative about Moran? This is usuallya sign of lack of true leadership. If you must destroy and tear down another to gain your own self esteem or in your attempt to influence or manipulate others, you must be dearly lacking somewhere—and/or are unduly ruthless.

    As far as endorsements—are we not intelligent enough to make our own decisions—that we need groups or “national” individuals to tell us what to do and how to think? Good grief, this is just another sidebar to the Obama Administration and Big Brother government—don’t think, little people, we know it all and we’re here to help you….. Aaaaugh.

    The “national” leader endorsers for Tiahrt do not live in Kansas. Most of the Tiahrt endorsers are from the Washington DC-New York-California areas—oh, don’t we love that—Tiahrt owns a home in WDC, lives with his family there, wines and dines and chums with all intertwined friends who are simply supporting other friends more than a belief in the candidate.

    Those people don’t know what’s going on in Kansas. Moran lives in Kansas and is away from the elitism and politically connected, which also gives him the more independent thinking. This is what I want in Kansas. Not WDC group think.

    P.S. Ruthless is not what one wants in a Senator, especially a conservative Republican Senator.

    Posted by beckbeliefs | July 26, 2010, 12:45 pm
  4. BeckBeliefs —

    I am originally from the Olathe area, and Tiahrt’s endorsement from the following KANSANS mean a lot to me…

    State Sen. Julia Lynn (Olathe)
    State Sen. Mary Pilcher Cook (Shawnee)
    State Rep. Ray Merrick — House Majority Leader (Stilwell)
    State Rep. Arlen Siegfreid –House Speaker Pro Tem (Olathe)
    State Rep. Rob Olson — House Majority Whip (Olathe)
    State Rep. Anthony Brown (Eudora)
    State Rep. Owen Donohoe (Shawnee)
    State Rep. Mike Kiegerl (Gardner)
    State Rep. Lance Kinzer (Olathe)

    Moran has the support of RINOs like Sens. John Vratil and Terri Huntington. That’s pretty black and white for me…

    Posted by robertgcombs | July 26, 2010, 3:32 pm
  5. The only endorsements I care about are those of my neighbors, and the grand majority of us in Washington County are Moran backers. It’s honestly not even close.
    I don’t trust any endorsements from politicians or political aspirants. I figure they’re all just trying to give favors to receive favors. I don’t think much of politicians in general. But I do like Moran because he is not just another run-of-the-mill Republican. Tiahrt seems to aspire and promise to vote the party line no matter what it means to Kansas. If that’s the case, couldn’t we just replace him with a robot programmed to follow the will of the RNC?

    Posted by backroadsnewsroom | July 26, 2010, 4:04 pm

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