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Former Moran manager endorses Tiahrt

Paul Moore, who managed Jerry Moran’s senate campaign from February to mid-April, offered up a stinging rebuke of his former boss in an open letter endorsing Todd Tiahrt for the GOP nomination.

The letter, addressed to Kansas Republicans, states:

In January of this year, I left my position as an Assistant U.S. Attorney to become Jerry Moran’s Campaign Manager, believing he could well become a reliable voice for freedom, free enterprise and limited government in the U.S. Senate. After more than two months of intense interactions with Jerry Moran, I came to believe that he was not instinctively conservative and that his willingness to actually lead against the tide of government intrusiveness into our lives and businesses was practically nonexistent.

I have worked with many politicians throughout the last two decades, including during my service as a Regional Political Director for the Republican National Committee. Yet, it was stunning to see a man with Jerry Moran’s decades of government service be so seemingly unsure of himself and his beliefs. While he is a hard worker, I still cannot tell you with any certainty what he truly believes.

To my surprise, Jerry Moran winced at the frequent use of the words “conservative” or “pro-life” to portray himself out of fear he might offend moderate or pro-choice voters. He ultimately relented to the political realities and has thoroughly advertised himself as “pro-life” and “conservative” to describe who he needed to become to get elected.

Our country desperately needs men and women of backbone who don’t have to consult political weather vanes to know what they stand for. Neither candidate is perfect, but Todd Tiahrt will instinctively stand up for the country’s founding principles – without regard for the political winds. Jerry Moran would be reliable – so long as the winds are blowing in a conservative direction, as they are now.

On August 3rd, Kansas Republican primary voters have the opportunity to choose the person who will likely become the next U.S. Senator from Kansas. Our form of government and our history as a nation are under daily assault from the Obama Administration and its allies. As it was in 1776, it is now absolutely imperative that the men and women we choose to represent us in Congress instinctively defend and protect the right of a free people to live freely and according to the spirit of our founding principles.

For that reason, I join my former boss, Attorney General John D. Ashcroft, and many others who have known Jerry Moran, in now supporting Todd Tiahrt for the U.S. Senate. The voters should note that I am not the only former Moran campaign manager who is now supporting Todd: Chuck Knapp, Todd Tiahrt’s current campaign manager, was Jerry Moran’s first campaign manager.

Kansas primary voters are right to peel back the veneer over both candidates to see what is inside. These are serious times. Our country is under assault from within and without. The voters are entitled to a clear view of the candidates and a sense of what makes them tick. I encourage Kansas voters to support the all-weather Constitutionalist, Todd Tiahrt, to be the next U.S. Senator from Kansas.


Paul R. Moore



One thought on “Former Moran manager endorses Tiahrt

  1. We’re supposed to listen to some disgruntled employee as a credible source?

    I think this means nothing since we don’t know anything about why he is not with the Moran campaign anymore…

    Posted by kansas4ever | July 26, 2010, 11:34 am

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