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Pencils down, knives out

In the closing days of the Big First race, campaigns are starting to bare their teeth more.

Tim Huelskamp sent out a press release today attacking Jim Barnett over partial self-funding of his campaign, and repeated his usual attack of Barnett being a liberal.

“No amount of money Jim Barnett gives himself can cover up the fact that he has been a tax-hiking, big-spending liberal his entire legislative career,” said Huelskamp campaign spokesman David Ray. “If Barnett thinks he can fool Kansas voters into believing that he’s a conservative, he’s got another thing coming.”

Rob Wasinger’s campaign manager Billy Valentine also joined the fray, attacking Barnett and Tracey Mann over their financial reports.

Pre-primary fundraising reports filed last night as required by law show that Jim Barnett gave himself nearly a quarter of a million dollars. And Tracey Mann, despite only making $895.00 as a real estate agent this year, somehow managed to give himself $100,000, most likely from an inherited trust fund.

Granted, all of the frontrunners have not had the best of weeks. Barnett had a bullseye painted on him by the Club for Growth with an ad buy this week. Tim Huelskamp got savaged by his peers in the Senate in a Topeka Capital-Journal article. Tracey Mann had  endorsements yanked by the Salina Journal and Hutchinson News over off-the-cuff remarks about Obama’s citizenship.

Eleven more days folks. Enjoy the circus while it’s still in town.



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