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KSRA backs up Tiahrt

The Tiahrt campain announced Friday that it had earned the endorsement of the National Rifle Association’s Kansas chapter and at the same time accused Moran’s campaign manager of threating the organization for its decision to back Tiahrt.

The Tiahrt campaign make the following statement in its release announcing KSRA’s endorsement: Upon hearing of the KSRA endorsement, Todd Novascone, fourth campaign manager and chief of staff for Congressman Moran, called and threatened Patricia Stoneking  for her for the group’s courageous decision to endorse Todd. According to Stoneking, Novascone then threatened her saying “she would be sorry” if Jerry was elected to higher office. Novascone then hung up on Patricia after she refused to relent from the endorsement.

“It is inappropriate for Congressman Moran’s fourth campaign manager and Washington, D.C. chief of staff to threaten Kansas citizens,” said Michelle Schroeder, communications director for the Tiahrt campaign. “Congressman Moran should publicly apologize for these negative and angry attacks that have gotten completely out of control. Instead of talking about issues important to Kansas voters, Congressman Moran is trying to intimidate Kansans with angry threats. This is no way for a statesman to act, and there is no place for these negative and threatening tactics in Kansas. Congressman Moran should immediately stop issuing threats, apologize to Patricia for the ugly things his chief of staff said, and take actions to ensure his staff stops threatening Kansans.

The release explains that KSRA chose to endorse Tiahrt because of the amendment he authored that prohibits the BATFE from releasing information from its firearms trace database to anyone other than law enforcement adding that his legislation “has protected every citizen as well as every gun manufacturer in this country from being unconstitutionally and unrightfully sued.”


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2 thoughts on “KSRA backs up Tiahrt

  1. Sunday Night:

    I have said in the past that campaigns are hard on the Candidates, grueling and long plus being very expensive. However, I have also said many times the length of the campaign can bring to light, cracks or strengths in a person’s character as well as illuminating the differences between the candidates that voters and politicos alike can clearly see.

    That is starting to happen in the Tiahrt vs Moran Senatorial Contest. Todd Tiahrt’s campaign has picked up some startling unsolicited endorsements as well as major snafus taking place in the Moran camp. Permit me to ReCap;

    1. Friday – The Kansas Rifle Association Endorses Tiahrt – Why? Because Mr. Tiahrt has proposed and passed significant legislation supporting the rights of gun manufactures, protection of police and rights of gun owners. Mr. Moran while supporting gun rights has never been in the fight, doing the heavy lifting. Endorsement goes to Tiahrt.

    2. Friday – The Minutemen of Arizona Endorse Tiahrt – Why? Because of Mr. Tiahrt’s firm constitutional position on amnesty and immigration. With Congressman Tom Tancredo reversal of his endorsement, saying Mr. Moran was misleading and lied on his immigration stance, earlier in the week The Minutemen are backing the stronger advocate for firm immigration reform.

    3. Friday – Mary Matlin, Conservative Commentator and former Campaign Manager of Bush 41 Endorses Tiahrt – Why? Because she believes Mr. Tiahrt is the candidate with firm constitutional principles and values.

    4. Sunday – Paul Moore, Former Campaign Manager for Jerry Moran Endorses Tiahrt – Why? I will quote Mr. Moore. “It is stunning to see…Jerry Moran’s decades of government service be so seemingly unsure of himself. I still can not tell you with any certainty what he truly believes.” I will quote once more from Mr. Moore’s open letter to the Voters of Kansas. “To my surprise Jerry Moran winced at the words “pro-life”…”conservative.” Ultimately he has relented to the political realities…and has advertised himself as “pro-life” and “conservative” to describe who he needed to become to get elected.

    Does this last quote not remind you what Karl Rove said that Mr. Moran will say or do whatever is necessary to first advance himself. To quote Rove, “What is his game?”

    Folks, think about this…these are groups and individuals who know these Candidates and would not throw away their endorsement and jepardize their credability. What are these people saying about Mr. Moran that has pushed them, unsolicited I may add, into Mr. Tiahrt’s camp?

    Tom Tancredo – Mr. Moran and his Campaign was…”misleading”…”lied” about his stance on immigration.

    KSRA – Mr. Moran’s Camaign Manager threatens the KSRA that “she would be sorry” if Jerry gets elected to the Senate.

    Paul Moore – Jerry Moran would only be reliable so long as the winds are blowing in a conservative direction. I have said repeatedly that when times get tough he is a reed in the wind looking to cover his backside first and foremost .

    Mr. Moran it is not The Tiahrt Campaign that is doing you in. You are doing it to yourself. You are being hoisted up and skewered on your own petard.

    Posted by jdn1947 | July 25, 2010, 8:13 pm
  2. Very Early Monday Morning

    After making coffee this early morning a couple of thoughts struck me that if the Moran Campaign runs true to form I predict this is how they will deal with the week-end disasters of bad news and mis-cues.

    1. Mr. Moran and his minons will minimize the importance of Endorsements ignoring who, what and why such Endorsements went to Mr. Tiahrt. Statements will be released such as Endorsements are not important or that Mr. Tiahrt covets and chases Endorsements rather than listening to his constitutents. Then Mr. Moran will wrap himself in the Kansas flag and declare he is the true “consistent conservative”

    2. When you are caught red-handed with the smoking gun immediately drop the gun, deny any guilt and blame the police. Mr. Moran will use this tactic starting today. Watch for it.

    Mr. Moran’s Campaign will simply not address Congressman Tancredo’s statement that Mr. Moran lied and mis-lead him on his immigration stance. They will blame Mr. Tiahrt for attacking and lieing about Mr. Moran’s stance on immigration instead of addressing the Tancredo issue. Mr. Moran will continue to run ads on Amnesty declaring Mr. Tiahrt is a liar.

    Mr. Moran’s Campaign will deflect the Kansas Rifle Association’s Endorsement of Mr. Tiahrt by (they have already done this) threatening the current president of the KSRA. They will minimize the message of the Endorsement by accusing Mr. Tiahrt of dirty tactics. Mr. Moran will then strap on a 6 gun and go hunting with Ted Nugent or officers in the U.S. Army. Why will he do this. Because as Carl Rove and Paul Moore have told us Mr. Moran is a cameleon who will become whatever he has to become in order to win.

    Instead of addressing the serious assertions by Paul Moore, Jerry Moran’s Former Campaign Manager, that Mr. Moran lacks strength of character and will blow with the wind when times get tough Mr. Moran will attack and obstificate the issue. Here’s what he will do.

    I predict that the Moran Camp will try to “kill the messenger” by attacking Paul Moore. I also predict that they will attack Mr. Tiahrt accusing him of some how conspiring with Paul Moore. Finally, the Moran Camp will whine and cry and throw themselves before the voters of Kansas, saying, “It’s not fair, they lie, I am a true Kansas conservative…it’s Todd Tiahrt who lies and is mean and nasty.”

    Please read Mr. Paul Moore’s open letter to the Voters of Kansas. His insight and thoughtful statements regarding who Mr. Moran really is, is truly remarkable. He identifies why Mr. Moran should be defeated in this campaign and why he gives his endorsement to the “all weather” constitutional conservative,” Todd Tiahrt.

    Watch for Mr. Moran’s cow patties to hit the fan. Take off your boots and put on your hip wadders…it’s gonna get deep today!

    Posted by jdn1947 | July 26, 2010, 6:19 am

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