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Club For Growth Released Ad

On Tuesday, the Club For Growth political action committee released its first television advertisement in the Wichita television market entitled “Not So Much”. 

Club For Growth endorsed state Senator Tim Huelskamp in September but has not been a major player in the race. With the latest polls showing Huelskamp slightly behind fellow state Senator Jim Barnett, the organization made the decision to flex its financial power and throw some punches of its own.

The ad hammers state Senator Jim Barnett for his history of voting for tax increases and a medical program similar to what was passed in Washington this spring. The ad makes no mention of any other 1st District candidates and is the first paid for by an organization and not a candidate. 

“We knew from the beginning of this campaign that the Washington lobbyists and special interests who are funding Tim Huelskamp would go on the attack,”  said Patrick Graham, spokesperson for Barnett.” It is unfortunate that when families all across the Big First are struggling to make ends meet that Washington-style attack ads from Huelskamp’s Washington lobbyist friends poison our airwaves.”

Club For Growth’s attacks are nothing new. The organization has a history of entering close races in an effort to help defeat a specific candidate.On Tuesday it also released a similar television advertisement in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District this time slamming state Senator Bill Hardiman. Hardiman’s opponent, state Rep. Justin Amash has been endorsed by Club For Growth. 

“The primary tactic of the separate Club for Growth PAC is to provide financial support from Club members to viable candidates to Congress who believe in pro-growth policies, limited government, low taxes and economic freedom, both in Republican primaries and general elections,” Club for Growth posted on its website (www.clubforgrowth.org).

The organization does finance the advertisements but its clear it seeks to destroy the candidate it feels poses the biggest threat to the candidate it has endorsed. Huelskamp and Barnett have pitted themselves against one another from the beginning and its clear the ad aims to take the fight one step farther.

View both advertisements on http://www.clubforgrowth.org/news/#3.


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