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Watts, Erickson endorse Tiahrt

The Todd Tiahrt campaign picked up the endorsements of former Oklahoma Congressman J.C. Watts and Conservative blogger Erick Erickson, of RedState.com.

In a press release issued by the Tiahrt campaign, Watts said:

“I’ve fought a lot of tough battles throughout my career, and there is no question Todd Tiahrt is the kind of genuine leader I want fighting with me to get our country moving in the right direction. Todd has consistently put his constituents first by fighting for lower taxes, against special constitutional rights for terrorists and against Washington’s spending deficits that are putting us into further debt with foreign countries.”

Erickson said, in am open letter on his blog:

Dear People of Kansas,

You are about to have your primary and a lot of you are emailing me asking who you should vote for in the United States Senate race.

Frankly, when it comes to pork, Todd Tiahrt and Jerry Moran are nothing to write home about. They are both porkers.

So that issue, for both, cancels each other out.

But then you have all the other issues out there from taxes to national security to life to you name it. Those issues separate the two candidates and I come down on the side of Todd Tiahrt.

Now, I realize Congressman Tiahrt is missing some vowels in his last name. Vanna White probably needed a couple extra and he was kind enough to put them on permanent loan. There can be no other explanation for those missing letters.

But let’s not hold that generosity against him.

Todd Tiahrt is a great guy, he’ll make a good senator, and he’s not going to be one of those Republicans who gives us repeated heartburn in a quest to transcend politics by cutting deals in favor of big government with the left.

Were I in Kansas I’d be voting for Todd Tiahrt. I hope you will since I can’t.


12 thoughts on “Watts, Erickson endorse Tiahrt

  1. Wow, the passion and conviction displayed by Erickson in his endorsement is amazing. He must sweat blood in trying to determine his valuable endorsements. He shows nothing but pure unadulterated fervor for a such a tight race. Moran is screwed.

    Posted by backroadsnewsroom | July 15, 2010, 2:30 pm
  2. oh, yes, I can hardly wait to go vote after those stirring endorsements. /sarcasm off

    Fight, fight, fight, that’s all Todd seems to do, fight wherever he goes.

    Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

    Posted by kate4ks | July 15, 2010, 4:06 pm
  3. Where The Heck Is The Press? Part I

    I thought that during a campaign The Press’ job was to check the charges and counter charges of the candidates and report the truth of their assertions. To do so The Press would have to fact check, confront candidates, demand answers and report the truth derived from their research. Instead, during this Kansas Senatorial race The Press takes the easy way out and prints press releases composed by press secretaries and publishes the results of scientific horse poop polls. When is The Press going to do their job?

    As the campaign has progressed the differences between Mr. Tiahrt and Mr. Moran has widened. There are many issues that define and separate the two men. Do you hear any delineation between the two, reported by The Press? Noooo! When are you, The Press,
    going to start doing your job?

    Here are the first 5 of 10 Issue/Questions they are not asking or getting to the bottom of;

    1. Early in the race a big issue was raised by Mr. Moran that he came home to Kansas more; therefore he was more Kansan than Mr. Tiahrt. I personally checked and found out that that assertion was misleading. Mr. Tiahrt has returned home to Kansas 188 of the last 162 week-ends! Has The Press Ever, Ever checked Mr. Moran’s assertion that he has returned home every week-end like he claims? Noooo! But it lets Mr. Moran claim the high ground and never has questioned his claim.

    2. Why hasn’t The Press pushed each candidate to explain their position regarding the bill to authorize military tribunals instead of allowing terrorists to have access to our federal courts?
    Mr. Tiahrt supported military tribunals and Mr. Moran opposed the bill. Why hasn’t The Press reported on this issue and explained each candidate’s position?

    3. Mr. Tiahrt has been labeled as an attacker, a tough guy, a slime ball and a mud slinger. When has The Press ever documented his assertions regarding Mr. Moran’s record on taxes, amnesty, sanctuary cities, the death tax etc. Are Mr. Tiahrt’s assertions true or false? You, The Press, report, we’ll decide.

    4. Why hasn’t The Press pointed out Mr. Moran’s dodging and twisting of his vote on the 2001, Death Tax, that effectively killed any chance of its permanent repeal? Why hasn’t The Press reported that the consequences of that vote is that small business’, ranchers and farmers will be subject to the Death Tax in 2011?

    5. Why hasn’t The Press reported the actual legislation that each man crafted, drafted, supported, and pushed for during their tenure as Congressmen. Mr. Tiahrt has crafted many ammendments and legislation and successfully guided them through Congress while Mr. Moran’s record is rather paltry. Wouldn’t a listing of each man’s legislative accomplishments reveal his Congressional effectiveness? It is easy to “sign on,” “adopt,” “resolve,” “support” legislation but to do the heavy lifting and get your own stuff passed shows true leadership.

    Posted by jdn1947 | July 15, 2010, 8:29 pm
  4. The press is here, and we’re quite aware of our jobs. Thanks for checking.

    I wonder if you’re aware of our jobs though. I try not to take professional advice from people who have a horse in the race, if you get my drift. You ask us to report, and you decide. You already have. Do us all a favor and don’t feign this pseudo-neutral, laughably camouflaged plea for fairness. You back Tiahrt. Helen Keller (before she met the Miracle Worker) could figure that one out. I could do each and every one of the things you say, and if they came out against you, then I’m automatically biased. Why is it that we’re only “fair and balanced” when we report things you like?

    Do me a favor. Don’t bring me a laundry list of attacks disguised as issues, accompanied by the unspoken belief that I took the short bus to journalism school. My point of view is the same as most other working print journalists everywhere.

    I hate everything equally, without bias.

    Enjoy writing part 2.

    Posted by Sean Wardwell | July 15, 2010, 8:46 pm
  5. Where The Heck Is The Press? Part II

    The Kansas Senatorial race is exciting and replete with issues. Where the heck is the press in separating the hyperbole from the facts? Or is it just more fun and easier to report fluff?

    Below I have listed 5 more Issue/Questions The Press has under-reported or ignored.

    6. If Mr. Tiahrt is the big Washington spender, as claimed by Mr. Moran. why hasn’t The Press dug deeper and reported that Mr. Tiahrt has never voted to raise any tax during his entire career in the Kansas Senate or while in Congress? Why hasn’t The Press questioned Mr. Moran’s assertion and then asked him, his positions on why he did vote to raise taxes numerous times while in the Kansas Senate and in Congress?

    7. Why hasn’t the press reported, that on abortion, Mr. Tiahrt has been instrumental in passing his own legislation protecting the rights of the unborn? Why hasn’t the press confronted Mr. Moran when he polishes his “Right To Life” credentials, when it is Mr. Tiahrt who has done the heavy lifting on this issue and received the Kansans For Life and Family Research Council endorsements?

    8. Where is The Press on reporting that the rights of gun manufactures, protection of trace evidence and privacy of undercover cops were protected by legislation written by Mr. Tiahrt? Once again, why has The Press let Mr. Moran burnish his “2nd Ammendment” credentials without letting the public know that Mr. Tiahrt is and has been the gun owners best friend?

    9. Why hasn’t the press pursued the story of one of the nation’s leaders on immigration , former Congressman Tom Tancredo’s withdrawal of his endorsement of Mr. Moran. Mr. Tancredo states that his withdrawal was because Moran and his Campaign lied and mislead the former Colorado Congressman about Mr. Moran’s position on immigration. Why isn’t The Press contacting Mr. Tancredo asking for specifics? Why hasn’t the press contacted Mr. Moran and asked for his comment; for any copies of documentation that was sent to Mr. Tancredo; any transcripts or summaries of dialogue between the two men? Finally, why is Mr. Tiahrt being blasted because he received Mr. Tancredo’s unsolicited endorsement early Monday morning? This story could be a game changer, but you wouldn’t know it by The Press’ coverage.

    10. Why hasn’t The Press asked the candidates their position on tort reform? Mr. Tiahrt has voted for and supports tort reform while Mr. Moran has voted against it. Wouldn’t voters want to know the candidates rationale on why they voted for or against tort reform?

    What’s the problem here…is The Press just lazy and wants to report on fluff…or is The Press happy with its thin veneer of digging for the real story and doesn’t want to upset the applecart?

    Posted by jdn1947 | July 15, 2010, 9:42 pm
  6. Where The Heck Is The Press? Rebuttal To Mr. Wardwell

    Bull, as a journalist you receive your information and advice every day from folks who have a horse in this Senatorial race. I believe The Press’ job is to sift through the chaff to get to the kernels of wheat.

    My position was to lay out 10 Issue/Questions that I feel have been lightly reported on. I do not question your bias for I think you are pretty fair in your writing. But what I do question is your once over lightly of the issues.

    My dog in this hunt is Mr. Tiahrt, however, that does not excuse your actions or lack there of regarding the issues. I read very little substance pertaining to the many issues that separate these two men.What I read from The Press is mudslinging on both sides, pseudo polls and press releases which is fine, but where is the beef?

    Like I said, I laid out 10 Issue/Questions. Your job Sir, is to separate the issue from the adjectives.

    Posted by jdn1947 | July 15, 2010, 10:54 pm
  7. I think you’re confusing coverage with advocacy, and the sad truth is there is very little substance to be found in this race. If you watch the debates, read the ads or read the literature you’ll see, on both sides, that (If I can quote myself from an earlier post) this race has become the world’s most expensive game of “I know you are, but what am I?”

    The questions you lay out are all, without exception, slanted towards Tiahrt. I haven’t the slightest interest in answering or investigating loaded rhetorical questions, so I won’t. Think whatever you please of that.

    I will address one point, because it’s a very good one. You ask, “Where’s the beef?” That’s a damn good question. I’ve been looking for the beef for about eight months now and can’t locate any worth mentioning. I’ve seen things dressed up like beef, but turned out to be fake beef. I’ve seen a lot of the droppings left by the animal that we get beef from, but no real beef to speak of. Just the droppings, and a lot of them – a minefield, if you will.

    If this annoys you, imagine how I feel.

    Posted by Sean Wardwell | July 15, 2010, 11:10 pm
  8. Sean is right on.
    You’re pitching biased campaign talking points, jdn1947, not issues.

    Posted by backroadsnewsroom | July 15, 2010, 11:23 pm
  9. Mr. Wardwell;

    Quit skirting through prodigious piles of pachyderm poop. You are so intent on avoiding getting a little shoo-fly-pie on your shoe you can’t see the bird buried in the cow patty.

    Advocacy question…issue question…whatever, from your perspective you can’t see the birdy buried in the huge heap of hippo hockey.

    An issue is still an issue, earmarks, death tax, sanctuary cities, taxes, abortion and parental consent, 2nd ammendment. These are all issues…How I frame the question is my perogative, what you do with the issue can be a service to the community.

    Posted by jdn1947 | July 16, 2010, 12:36 am
  10. If Tiahrt worked as hard at raising money as he has with out of state endoresments he probably would have had a shot. But you know being investigated along with PMA probably stunts the ol war chests growth.

    Posted by kslm1977 | July 16, 2010, 10:34 am
  11. HAHA. Jdn has trouble with math, funny since they copy and pasted off Tiahrt campaign propaganda. “Mr. Tiahrt has returned home to Kansas 188 of the last 162 week-ends!” Well, that’s quite an accomplishement!

    Anyway, that still adds up to much less then the amount of time Moran comes home- I think that he has missed seven total weekends during his tenure and one of those was while they were all in DC fighting that health care crap.

    I digress. Mr. Wardwell makes some good points.

    I personally like Moran, I do think he has the “beef” (also becuase he has the endorsement of KLA) HAHA.

    Posted by kansas4ever | July 16, 2010, 12:54 pm
  12. JDN is trying to say 162 out of 188 is a good thing? Almost as good as Moran’s?
    Uh, that is 26 weekends without Tiahrt in Kansas. If you add in the weeks in between, that would be one stretch of a full half a year without touching foot in Kansas. Sorry, but that is nowhere near Moran’s connection to Kansas.

    Posted by backroadsnewsroom | July 16, 2010, 2:40 pm

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