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Mann continues polling rise, ties Barnett

First District candidate Tracey Mann is continuing his upward momentum in a KWCH survey conducted by SurveyUSA, tying Jim Barnett at 25 points.

Mann rose an additional five points from the last SurveyUSA poll on June 23. Barnett, after staying at 23 points for the last two polls, rose three points. Tim Huelskamp rose four points to poll at 22 percent. Rob Wasinger dropped one point to 10 percent. Sue Boldra is polling at 5 percent, while Marck Cobb stands at 2 percent. Undecideds dropped four points from last month, polling at 12 percent

“I continue to be humbled and honored by the Kansans of the First District. Being in first place with less than three weeks until the election is a great place to be. Having jumped 21 percent in the polls since February clearly shows that our campaign has the positive momentum moving into election day,” said Mann.

“Kansans clearly understand and agree with me that we need a representative in Washington with business and agriculture experience and not another politician. I am ready to go to Washington to fight against Congress’ spending addiction, repeal Obamacare, and enforce the current laws to help protect our nation’s borders,” said Mann.

Gun owners back Mann at 28 percent to Barnett’s 24 percent, while Huelskamp keeps a majority of pro-life support at 26 percent. Mann also has a one point lead among those who identify with the Tea Party Movement at 26 percent, while Huelskamp has 25 percent and Barnett sits on 24 percent. Interestingly enough, Barnett gained ground with self-identified liberals, going from 31 percent to 33 percent. Conversely, Barnett also holds a one point lead among self-identified conservatives, compared to Mann and Huelskamp’s 24 percent take.

It’s a toss-up at this point. Mann, Huelskamp and Barnett each have a real shot at taking the nomination.


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