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The Tom Little Show

Despite being the shortest and least recognizable Republican candidate for Senate, Pittsburg CPA Tom Little stole the show during Monday’s debate on KWCH Ch. 12.

Little, perched between Tiahrt and Moran during the 30-minute show, added some much-needed comedic humor to the event that was otherwise bogged down by Moran and Tiahrt’s usual mug slinging, finger-pointing and attack-and-refute politics.

In his opening statement, Little blamed “99 percent” of the country’s problems on financials and offered his pamphlet for solutions to the country’s financial sink hole. He didn’t offer details but were sure his 40-some years of experience as a CPA and business owner have given him some level of understanding. Unfortunately, he failed to follow-up on his platform, moving the blame for the country’s problems instead to the country’s illegal immigrant population, claiming that by removing immigrants, the country would free up jobs for unemployed residents.

Keeping on his message on dislike for anything not red, white and blue, Little suggested that the U.S. pull its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and instead let the “CIA, mafia or some of our secret killing operations” kill off the unpopular country heads. Yes. It’s just that easy. And he follows up his suggestion with an offer that the country use the money it sends to Egypt for health care and Africa for AIDS treatment to pay off the rising national debt.

And on the topic of term limits, Little insisted that voters not vote for anyone who has served more than two terms. Later, he expressed concern for the continued fighting between Tiahrt and Moran questioning “what’s it gonna be like if they both get in.” Yes, we double checked and he questioned the impossible.

His comments were so far removed from the usual verbage of the race that neither Tiahrt or Moran bothered to negate his comments or support his responses. He may have been on the same stage as the other two candidates, but he certainly wasn’t fighting the same fight.

About Katie Stockstill-Sawyer

I am a city girl that is learning about life on the farm. I met and married a fourth-generation farmer, Derek. I am now a farmer's wife and country girl. The move has required a few changes and a lot of learning. But I wouldn't change my new life and all of the little lessons and surprises it provides.


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