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Talking with Todd

By Sean Wardwell
Staff Writer

Much like Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz, Todd Tiahrt wants to “pull back the curtain” on Jerry Moran, saying while Moran might be a good person, he would be a bad senator.

In a town hall meeting at The Well on Wednesday, Tiahrt again made his case for why he would be a better U.S. Senator than his rival Moran. Speaking to an audience of 30 people, the Goddard congressman pulled no punches when speaking about Moran’s accomplishments.

“(Moran) wants to be popular. He keeps his finger in the wind. His list of accomplishments is very shallow,” Tiahrt said, adding Moran voted against parental notification on abortions.

During his speech, Tiahrt says there are five things that need to be done in Washington D.C. to set the country right again – tax reform, regulatory reform, returning health care to the private sector, litigation reform and energy security.

“Being secure in energy is difficult to talk about with the greatest environmental disaster in our nation’s history going on today,” Tiahrt said. “But, why are we drilling 5000 feet under the ocean?”

Speaking with The Sentinel after the town hall, Tiahrt said that representing the 4th Congressional District gives him an advantage in representing the whole state.

“The fourth district is probably the most versatile, as far as the Kansas economy, of any district. There’s agriculture, there’s manufacturing, there’s a strong public sector and urban versus rural” Tiahrt said. “I’ve had to deal with the broadest spectrum of problems of any representative. You have to be a senator in order to match the broad spectrum of challenges I’ve had.”

Tiahrt also addressed the negativity surrounding his race with Moran – a race that has seen some of the sharpest rhetoric in a primary election in this state. Tiahrt contends that the negativity started with Moran.

“It was a year ago, last fall, when Moran claimed that I was corrupt because I lived in Washington D.C. A long time ago he started this negative campaigning, and I was quiet about it for a long time. I didn’t say anything and I went on talking about my business, talking about my vision,” Tiahrt said. “When I went on TV, I talked about his votes for tax increases. I don’t consider it negative when I talk about his record that I document. He considers that negative because he’s embarrassed by his votes for higher taxes, and he wants to consider that negative campaigning. I’m not making stuff up.”

“When he says I’m corrupt because I moved my family during the school year to Virginia, to me that’s negative,” added Tiahrt. “He’s going after my family. I think it’s him that’s gone negative. I’ve just talked about his record. It’s like Harry Truman, when he said, and I’m paraphrasing, people think I’m giving them heck. I’m not giving heck. I’m just talking about the voting record and it sounds like heck.”

Tiahrt appeared with radiologist Dr. Milton Wolf who is President Barack Obama’s second cousin. Wolf has been a vocal opponent of Obama’s health care reform legislation.

The Republican primary will be held Aug. 3.



6 thoughts on “Talking with Todd

  1. Are Kansas schools not good enough for his kids? My kids go to Kansas schools. Moran’s kids went to Kansas schools and colleges. I think our schools are pretty dang good. I guess Tiahrt wouldn’t know that since he’s from a different state.
    I’m convinced Jim Ryun lost his re-election bid because he forgot where he was from. It would be impossible for Moran to forget who he is representing because he comes back EVERY weekend. Don’t give me this crap that Tiahrt comes back the majority of weekends so he is just as in touch. Ridiculous. I leave for a week’s vacation and I feel like I’m out of the loop.
    So yes, Tiahrt moving his family to DC is a big issue. Kansans think it is a big issue.

    Posted by backroadsnewsroom | July 8, 2010, 4:34 pm
  2. Tiahrt’s son is a graduate of Wichita State. Moran rents a house in Washington and Todd owns one. What’s the big deal? Let’s talk about the issues. How about Moran voting for tax increases and bigger government–and introducing very little legislation to help Kansas. Tiahrt did not vote for the bank or business bailouts or for tax increases–he obviously believes in small government, less taxation, life for the unborn and more freedom for the people. His voting record proves it. He’s fought for American made military planes, jobs for Kansas and the right to bear arms. He’s a leader and a man of action–the true conservative in this race.

    Posted by bestamerica | July 8, 2010, 4:56 pm
  3. I’d contend both Tiahrt’s and Moran’s records are almost identical. We’d have to split hairs to find the differences. I know of no major, successful and newsworthy legislation introduced by Tiahrt.
    This is a primary election in a conservative state for two conservative candidates. The only thing we can do to decide between the two is determine who will be more in touch with us, because we don’t have term limits to help us get rid of people who have become out of touch.
    Moran is more in touch, hands down. Any unbiased political observer would agree.
    Fourth district is most versatile? Hogwash. Tiahrt’s district is Wichita and towns that are supported by Wichita’s economy. Sure there are farms in the fourth – someone has to grow stuff for the farmers market in Old Town. Any unbiased .political observer would say the first district is the heart of Kansas, not the fourth. (Which makes it pretty dang depressing that the third district will likely decide this election.)

    Posted by backroadsnewsroom | July 8, 2010, 5:18 pm
  4. backroadsnewsroom, are you smoking crack? “Any unbiased political observer would agree” Really…like you are unbiased? Get real. Tiahrt and Moran spend the EXACT same amount of time in DC, the only difference being that when Tiahrt’s children were young he chose to spend his evening with them and his wife. As opposed to Moran who spent his evenings with his C-Street Frat boy roommates, who happen to be about his only endorsers.

    And to say they have “identical” records is not only disingenuous, but downright dishonest. Jerry Moran has voted to raise taxes time and again. He voted to give constitutional rights to terrorists and argued the terrorist should have access to our federal court system! Sound familiar…exactly the same position as Eric Holder and Barak Obama! Jerry Moran is not a conservative and Kansans are waking up to his Washington ways. (And judging by his desperate attacks on Tiahrt lately, he sees this race slipping away.)

    Posted by rex1980 | July 8, 2010, 10:07 pm
  5. Crack? That is so 1980. (And very “city” by the way.)
    You’re trying to make differences where they don’t exist. Conservative vs. conservative. The rest is in the delivery. And the delivery has been very different. We’ll let Kansans decide what type of delivery is more Kansan. Mud-slinging DC politico? Or plainspoken Kansas?
    C-Street Frat boy roomates? C’mon. Embellish much? The reason Moran is pitching the “I can home every weekend” line is because it is true and impresses the heck out of locals who want their elected official to have a rock solid, ongoing, regular and real connection and commitment to who we are. Kansas culture. Not DC culture.
    Tiahrt supporters continue to throw what they think are flaming grenades, but they fizzle out and don’t hit a target. Kansans don’t appreciate that. You should know that. Are you even from here?

    Posted by backroadsnewsroom | July 8, 2010, 10:42 pm
  6. Hmmm. “I come home every weekend.” Not “I can home every weekend.”
    Hey Sean, can you edit that for me and delete this one?
    I should’ve double-checked my work, but I’m tired after getting home from watching four ballgames. Ugh. Ready for summer to be over.

    Posted by backroadsnewsroom | July 8, 2010, 10:45 pm

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