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Moran partners to offer budget option

Congressman Jerry Moran Friday chastised Congress for approving a one-year spending plan in lieu of passing a traditional five-year budget. At the same time offering up his own House Resolution requiring the government to balance the budget annually.

“One of the basic responsibilities of Congress is to produce an annual budget. Yet, it is now halfway through 2010 and congressional leaders have failed to bring forward a budget that addresses escalating budget deficits and controls government spending. Kansas small businesses and families must live within the confines of a budget, and so should our government,” said Moran.

Moran also announced his participation in the Republican Study Committee (RSC) which this week offered a balanced budget plan.

This budget plan would achieve surpluses in 2019 and 2020 and would result in $6.4 trillion less debt than President Obama’s budget. This proposal would also provide $1.7 trillion in tax relief over the next five years. The RSC budget offers real solutions to our nation’s economic problems and will help get our economy back on track.”

Moran’s House Resolution, H.R. 1, would require the federal government to balance its budget each year, in an effort to control government spending.


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One thought on “Moran partners to offer budget option

  1. Reading the article of the Annual Budget and Mr. Moran’s Budget Resolution got me to thinking is the Republican Party ready to govern and change the economic landscape if they sweep into Congressional power? The sentiment in the country points to the possibility of the Republican Party taking both the House and the Senate, like they did in 1994.

    My question is are they ready to govern? Does the GOP have a framework to rally behind like they did with the Contract With America?

    The answer is yes they do. A framework was birthed in 2003, by Congressman Todd Tiahrt called the Economic Competitiveness Caucus or better known as the EC2. The EC2 was formed and chaired by Mr. Tiahrt and its 60 sponsoring Congressional members to create a long term favorable business environment. Its eight point plan forms the backbone and philosophy of sponsoring legislation that increases economic growth.

    1. Redirect Healthcare Security that is rooted in the private not public sector.
    2. Reduce Bureaucratic Regulations that adds 850 billion dollars in costs to our goods and
    3. Encourage Lifelong Learning that empahsizes the “basics” with increased attention to our
    science and technology curriculum.
    4. Energy Self-Sufficency based on an energy plan of pushing all forms of energy sources.
    5. Innovation & Investment by removing investment barriers and driving deployment of
    federal R&D incentives.
    6. Trade Fairness that protects American exports in any trade agreement the U.S. enters
    7. Tax Relief & Simplification that encourages American competitiveness internationally
    by removing the punitive nature of our tax code. i.e. accelerated depreciation, reduction
    or elimination of capital gains tax and installment of the “Fair Tax.”
    8. End Law Suit Abuse in instituting comprehensive tort reform which reduces business and
    consumer costs.

    The first job of a politican is to get elected. But once you get elected what is your plan Mr. Moran to revive our enconomy ? What is your plan Mr. Tiahrt to revive our economy?

    Mr. Moran has no coherent plan that he brings to the Senate; just a smile and glittering generalities. He just wants to get elected.

    Mr. Tiahrt has a plan, the EC2 that can serve as the GOP outline when they take the reins of power this November.

    Once again a stark contrast of Mr. Tiahrt carrying the water and doing the heavy lifting ,while Mr. Moran the gadfly, flites around exhibiting style but no substance.

    Posted by jdn1947 | July 6, 2010, 6:10 am

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