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Mann brings in 10K in two days

What a difference a poll makes.

Two days after sending out a fundraising appeal, 1st District candidate Tracey Mann brought in $10,000 – $7,000 short of his stated target with a day left until the close of the fundraising quarter.

Last week, Mann jumped to second place in a SurveyUSA poll, suprising, if not outright shocking, many observers. Other campaigns in the Big First have needed to adjust their strategies because of Mann’s surge. Tim Huelskamp, Jim Barnett and Rob Wasinger have all been busy attacking each other for most of the race, virtually ignoring Mann until his Washington D.C. fundraiser earlier this month. After that, Huelskamp was the first to strike, criticizing Mann for his campaign slogan, which is also being used in races in Tennessee and Alabama.

“The entire rationale of Mann’s campaign is based on a bogus slogan that he bought from an out-of-state political consultant,” said Huelskamp Campaign Manager David Ray. “Just last week, Tracey Mann was shaking down Washington DC lobbyists at a swanky fundraiser attended by Members of Congress and former Members of Congress at a place called the Capitol Hill Club, and now he wants to act like he’s not a political insider. That’s just not believable.”

The Mann campaign, however, shrugged off the attack, running what could be the most tightly focused race in the Big First. Mann is running on agriculture interests, which isn’t a bad strategy considering the rural nature of the district. Other campaign’s ads tend to focus on how conservative their candidate is, covering everything from social issues to “Obamacare” to ag policy. Mann, on the other had, has one short TV ad that puts the “death tax” front and center.

Moreover, Mann waited for the right time to go big. At this point in the campaign, pretty much everything is already out there. Huelskamp has the fundraising lead, and a boatload of endorsements. Barnett already enjoyed high name recognition from his gubernatorial run. Wasinger is making his race about the economy. Mann let the other campaigns fight, and built a ground game that is starting to serve him well. The campaign swarmed McPherson a few weeks ago, running out of yard signs because of the demand.

Mann is making one last swing through the district, running through the second week of July. Many voters in the district are already seeing him as a second Jerry Moran, and if he keeps up the fundraising, Tracey Mann might just become the one to beat in August, instead of the dark horse others originally saw him as.



3 thoughts on “Mann brings in 10K in two days

  1. This is such a bogus post. Tracey Mann’s whole campaign is nothing more then a shell of an operation. For one this guy doesn’t have any experience and is not even a successful real estate agent what did he make the last 6 months 700 dollars?

    He is simply running to mommy & daddy for a early inheritance so he can crank mail out and poorly produced television commercials. The voters in the big first will see right through his bogus rhetoric.

    Posted by dirtdiverks | June 30, 2010, 11:29 am
    • I disagree. I run the newspaper in Washington County and when he came to visit Washington and do his downtown door to door, quite a few people commented that they liked him.
      He’s been tagged as a Jerry Moran clone, and I’d agree with that. And that is what the first district voters have liked in the past few elections. Having talked to him in length, he seems genuine and a natural leader. People can aspire to political office, but not everyone has the constitution for elected office.
      And as an aside, and I hate to say it, but I also had a handful of ladies refer to him as the “good-looking guy.”
      So I don’t doubt that his campaign, especially given his momentum over the last few weeks, could raise that kind of money.
      That said, I still think we’d be well served by Huelskamp, Wasinger or Mann in the first district.

      Posted by backroadsnewsroom | June 30, 2010, 1:58 pm
  2. A shell? Sounds like Tracey Mann is getting under the skin of the political establishment in this race. Dirdiver, your going to look REALLY bad if Tracey Mann’s report shows a lot of financial donations and no money from him. I think his campaign is really picking up steam. People are sick of politicians – and with Huelskamp and Barnett being in the State Senate more than a decade and Wasinger being a Washington insider for more than a decade that makes Tracey the only normal guy in the race.

    Posted by mcphersonbulldog | June 30, 2010, 2:41 pm

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