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Hannity endorses Tiahrt

Fox News commentator Sean Hannity offered his support of Todd Tiahrt this week.

“Sarah Palin endorsed him; Mark Levin endorsed him. A great protector of our Constitution, if you are out in Kansas, you’ve got to pay attention to Todd Tiahrt. He is pro-family, pro-Second Amendment. This is the kind of commonsense conservative we need in the US Senate. He’s never voted for a tax increase; He fought to end wasteful spending coming out of Washington. That’s the kind of guy we’re looking for.”



5 thoughts on “Hannity endorses Tiahrt

  1. There you go. How much evidence do people need to see to figure out that picking Jerry Moran is picking the weaker candidate?

    Posted by altevogt | June 29, 2010, 2:47 pm
  2. Hannity doesn’t have a clue who Tiahrt is. Their staffs probably got together and worked out this deal.
    I love Hannity’s show. Also like all of the people and groups who have endorsed Tiahrt over Moran. I consider myself a part of the tea party movement, (but not part of this fly-by-night Tea Party Express, whoever the heck they are.) I actually consider myself more conservative than conservative Republicans.
    And I consider myself fortunate that I can think for myself and don’t have to pay any attention whatsoever to out-of-state endorsements or in-state, political back-scratching endorsements… for either candidate.
    I’m proud to be a Kansan and I’m aware enough to know Moran is the better choice. I feel sorry for these national figures doing these uninformed endorsements. They should know better.

    Posted by backroadsnewsroom | June 29, 2010, 2:52 pm
  3. Thank you, Mr. Hannity, for choosing the more conservative and “consistent” candidate.

    Posted by Caleb | June 29, 2010, 3:04 pm


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