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Time for a time-out, maybe?

Editorializing here is mostly unnecessary, because a lot of what’s posted tends to speak for itself.

However, all of us here in the newsroom have been feeling more than a little uneasy lately, because the Moran/Tiahrt race seems ready to turn the corner from simply negative to downright sleazy.

Case in point: Last week the Moran campaign issued an ad that asserted Moran, unlike Tiahrt, actually lives in Kansas. This led to a response from the Tiahrt camp that brought the Tiahrt’s dead son into the fray, saying that the Moran ad insults the Tiahrt family for trying to stay together. The Moran campaign never mentioned the son. Then, this weekend, Tiahrt District Director Robert Noland tweeted that Moran had made his wife into a “single mom” – which was quickly re-tweeted by Vicki Tiahrt.

And, in the meantime, actual issues that deserve attention seem to be suffocating because the personal jabs are sucking all the oxygen out of the room.

Can we maybe take a time-out here? I hate to phrase things like I’m talking to a roomful of preschoolers, but that’s where were at it seems. This has been a race to the bottom, and neither campaign have really been 100 percent issue-based. Sometimes they aren’t even 100 percent reality-based. We’d like that to change, if that’s at all possible. If the past weekend is any indication of future tone, then this is going to be a long five weeks. We’ll keep covering the race, but we’d like to cover something other than campaign “he said, she said.”

There are real issues out there. Please find them. Otherwise, someone is going to have to stay after school.


3 thoughts on “Time for a time-out, maybe?

  1. Agreed. However, one major issue here relates to the candidates as persons, and that is where they stand. Jerry Moran insists that he is a consistent conservative, but he and his family have been hobknobbing around Johnson County with not only it’s liberal element, but its real sleazy “liberal” element, what I’ve come to call the Long Green Party.

    If he were running as a liberal that wouldn’t be an issue, but haven’t we had enough of politicians who claim to be one thing and then turn into something else once they get elected and the lobbyists show up with their big checks and self-serving agendas? Are we not sick of political chameleons who mouth one set of platitudes while they campaign while they’re anticipating the offers from the sleaziest elements out there?

    Jerry needs to either come out of the closet, or start acting in a manner where he actually tries to compete for the labels he wants to claim.

    Posted by altevogt | June 28, 2010, 4:35 pm
  2. Agreed too. This will be an interesting five weeks (and a heck of a lot of fun for political junkies) so please no time outs.
    Really, there is only a small group of us commenting on here and honestly, we probably agree on everything in the political world except for our choice of candidates. Come November, we’ll be on the same page.
    I’m happy to have found this blog and hope you continue as is.
    And I will hold no grudge against anyone I’m sparring with. This is just part of the political process and the Moran/Tiahrt race is by no means the dirtiest race politics has ever seen.

    Posted by backroadsnewsroom | June 28, 2010, 4:54 pm
  3. Absolutely, this argument is a silly one. Neither of these candidates achieved their current position by coming back from DC to run for office and so to hold either out as a carpetbagger is just silly. The irony here is that these are probably the two best candidates running for office anywhere in Kansas.

    Posted by altevogt | June 28, 2010, 5:14 pm

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