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Tiahrt wins straw poll

Todd Tiahrt won the Olathe straw poll over the weekend, besting Jerry Moran by a 3-1 margin.

Says the release:

Tiahrt received 315 votes to Congressman Moran’s 112. Tiahrt’s statewide grassroots organization and strong support in Johnson County led to his decisive victory in the 15th Annual Olathe Republican Party Picnic and Straw Poll – despite a brief appearance by Moran, his fourth campaign manager and other campaign staff. Tiahrt’s Olathe straw poll win comes on the heels of his campaign’s endorsement by conservative champion, Gov. Sarah Palin.

“Todd Tiahrt’s victory today is a stunning example of the support Todd is receiving from conservatives across the state,” said Michelle Schroeder, spokesperson for the Tiahrt campaign. “Momentum continues to build in battleground Johnson County and across the state as conservatives line up behind Todd in his fight to bring principled, conservative leadership to the U.S. Senate.”

“Kansans have little toleration for Washington politicians, such as Congressman Moran, who has voted multiple times to raise sales taxes, property taxes, income taxes, small business taxes and who has voted against the permanent repeal of the death tax. The Olathe straw poll demonstrates that Johnson County Republicans continue to back Todd Tiahrt for U.S. Senate. Congressman Moran’s election-year conversion is not holding water and Kansans are seeing through his campaign’s attempts to distract from his tax-and-spend voting record.”



4 thoughts on “Tiahrt wins straw poll

  1. The Resistnet forum had a comment about Tiahrt bringing two busses of supporters to this picnic from Sedgwick County. Is that true? And if so, wouldn’t that skew the results of the straw poll?

    Posted by backroadsnewsroom | June 28, 2010, 7:12 pm
  2. Backroadnewsroom –

    From the Tiahrt press release regarding the Straw Poll…

    “The vote totals include 69 Todd Tiahrt supporters who road from South-Central Kansas to participate in today’s straw poll. Even without this grassroots support, Tiahrt still won 69 percent of the vote.”

    So even if you don’t count the folks from Tiahrt’s district, he still won in a landslide. Looks like activists in Johnson County are waking up to the real conservative in the race. And holy moly, I’d take any campaign that can get people to ride on a bus for that long very seriously.

    Posted by robertcombs | June 28, 2010, 11:14 pm
  3. Yesterday I wrote a piece under the “Moran, maintains lead in new poll” article. My piece identified three themes the Moran camp have developed with some success and rationale responses why the themes were duplicitious and fallacious. Today I wish to ask 4 questions that definitely separates the candidacies of Mr. Tiahrt and Mr. Moran.

    Question #1: Mr. Moran, you claim that you voted for the Bush tax cuts that eventually created over 6 million new jobs in a five year period. If this is true, why did you not support the Original Tax Cut Package that was twice as large and would have accelerated our economy out of the recession the nation was in and given additional tax relief to hard pressed Americans?

    Question #2: Mr. Moran, please explain why you voted to support the Obama/Justice Department legislation that gives United States citizens rights to comitted Terrorists? Enemy combatants do not have the same rights of United States citizens; their rights are defined by the Geneva Convention not the United States Constitution.

    Question #3: Mr. Moran, if you are against abortion why did you support legislation that the parental rights of a pregnant daughter are waived by schools when the girl with the school’s support seek an abortion? How can it be that in our society today that schools must have parental permission for the playing of sports, take any medication, go on field trips; but when it comes to abortion parental permission is waived? Please explain this Mr. Moran?

    Question #4: Mr. Moran, you state that you are against ObamaCare and seek true Health Care Reform. If that is so why have you voted against Tort Reform when you know that the legal system is so entangled in healcare law suits that it drives up it’s cost by an estimated 10-20% ?

    My friends, have any of you heard or seen Mr. Moran address these issues in the campaign. The answer is no. If it were so Mr. Tiahrt would not be asking these kind of questions. Oh, by the way I imagine you’ve guessed that Mr. Tiahrt voted and supported the opposite of the 4 questions. THESE TWO MEN ARE NOT ALIKE AND THERE ARE SUBSTANTIAL DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE TWO. Be careful who you cast your vote for; it does have consequences. Look who we have in the White House.

    Posted by jdn1947 | June 30, 2010, 6:49 am


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