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Tiahrt supporters slam Moran ad

State Senator Julia Lynn, a Tiahrt supporter, and Concerned Women for America Kansas Director Judy Smith lashed out at Jerry Moran in a Tiahrt issued press release today, denouncing what they deem a personal attack on Tiahrt in the latest Moran TV ad.

“Congressman Moran’s latest negative ad that attacks Todd Tiahrt and his family’s decision to remain together during the legislative session is insensitive and frankly un-Kansan. Todd and his family have lived in their Goddard, Kansas home for 29 years, and any suggestion otherwise is simply untrue.”

“Todd and Vicki should never apologize for keeping their family together, especially given the loss of their 16-year-old son, Luke, in 2004. Attacking a personal family decision is the ugliest of Washington politics and has no place in our great state. Congressman Moran’s attacks are inexcusable and he should apologize immediately.”

“Todd’s decision to keep his family together should be respected and his commitment to his family praised. Congressman Moran should be ashamed for attacking another Kansas family – especially a family who has endured the tragic loss of a child. It is a cruel and disparaging attack, and it shows Congressman Moran’s lack of civility and compassion. As mothers and daughters, wives and Kansas women, we are asking that Congressman Moran stop spreading mistruths and begin conducting his campaign with honor and integrity.”

Well, if it wasn’t personal before, it will be now. Worth noting is that the Moran ad in question did not reference any member of Tiahrt’s family.


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