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Moran Mythbusters #5

The Tiahrt campaign came out with its fifth installment of Moran Mythbusters today, attacking Moran for saying he’s voted against every Washington bailout.

“Congressman Moran again is caught distorting the truth and deceiving Kansans,” said Michelle Schroeder, spokesperson for the Tiahrt campaign. “Moran voted for the $400 million bailout of the travel industry and voted for the House version of the 2008 economic stimulus package. Only when rebates for seniors and disabled veterans were added to the bill did Congressman Moran flip-flop and decide to vote against it, proving once again that he believes the government knows better how to spend our hard-earned money.”

The latest installment can be seen here. However, one has to admire the Tiahrt campaign’s ability to stay on message. Leaving aside whether or not it resonates, the Tiahrt campaign is, to say the least, disciplined and consistent in its ability to convey a message. The whole “Mythbusters” motif is clever and unique, giving the impression that the Tiahrt camp is serious and in this to win. Polling aside, desire counts for a lot. As was said before though, it’s still debatable whether or not the voters are picking up the ball and running with it.



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