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Mann comments on polling surge

Tracey Mann just released this statement regarding his statistical leap to second place in the latest Survey USA poll.

“I am humbled and honored by the 16 percent increase in support since February. My campaign has traveled to all 69 counties in the Big First listening to the concerns of the voters. Our grassroots support is stronger than ever. Our volunteers and I have walked to over 10,000 doors in less than 3 weeks. Kansans want a Congressman with business and agriculture experience. They are responding positively to the fact that my roots run deep in Kansas-not politics,” said Mann.

While this is undoubtedly good news for Mann, what’s worth mentioning is that the knives will be out from this point on. Mann hasn’t had it easy, being the focus of anonymous hit-blogs in the past. However, a standard rule of politics says the more successful you are, the bigger of a target you present. Expect more attacks on him in the closing weeks of the campaign.

This late in the game, however, one has to wonder how effective they will be. Huelskamp, Barnett and Wasinger have been going at each other pretty hard, and five weeks out is not a good time to alter a message. There’s a difference between attacks that are factually based, and ones that are purely opportunistic.



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