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Barnett goes after DC Dems

First District candidate Jim Barnett went after congressional Democrats today for failing to pass a budget two months past deadline.

“It is becoming almost an everyday occurrence that Washington exemplifies an ineptitude to govern and inability to lead,” said Barnett. “Congress’ failure to pass a budget means that Washington is missing an opportunity to rein in government spending, provide fiscal discipline, and promote the economic growth needed to get America back on the right track.”

“As the country faces a looming fiscal crisis, Americans are looking for a responsible budget that cuts spending significantly,” added Barnett. “Instead, House Democrats have politicized one of the most fundamental responsibilities of government – passing a budget – in order to not address the critical problems and issues they have created with their reckless spending in an election year.”

“Simply put, Washington’s failure to pass a budget is Washington’s failure to govern. The $13 trillion deficit racked up at the expense of hard working Americans can not be hidden by not passing a budget. I’ve consistently voted for fiscally responsible budgets in the state legislature and I’ll continue to do so in Congress.”



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