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Heffington and the CIA

Last week, we wrote about Republican candidate for governor Joan Heffington of Derby.

Recently, we’ve been sending out questionnaires to candidates to help in the completion of our upcoming voter guide. We recently received answers back from Heffington and we would like to share one of the answers with you now.

The question was: What, in your opinion, is the most pressing issue facing the state?

Now, without commentary, is her answer:

The most pressing issue facing our state is the CIA abuse of National Security Letters and using innocent Kansas citizens as experiments for their chemical and biological warfare. I urge you to listen to my 15-minute interview on WIBW radio in Topeka last week which is on their website. After they tried to put a steroid cocktail mix in my I.V. in March, 2007 (I let it drip into a bedpan all night or I would have died), I tried to get help from Senator Brownback. Instead, a woman in my office was targeted 3 weeks later. Then in Nov., 2007, a Mulvane woman named Sharon Frank died from this. The steroid cocktail mix caused her to become diabetic, they withheld her insulin and she died the next day. Why was she targeted? Her husband ongoing litigation with a former state representative over a drainage dispute, and when they couldn’t get to him, they went after her. After a 22-year old boy was targeted in Wichita in Oct., 2009, I pressured Tiahrt’s office for a Congressional inquiry. Instead, they brought a false lawsuit against me for practicing law without a license. I also met with a man named James Wolbert in Feb. of this year. He had five microchips implanted in him (by satellite) because the government wanted his billion dollar invention, and he refused to turn over the patent and the rights. This is outrageous government conduct, abuse of power and crimes against humanity, and it needs to stop. I believe Washington insiders are involved which is why I am running.


About Jonathan Shorman

A journalism student at The University of Kansas and columnist for The University Daily Kansan.


One thought on “Heffington and the CIA

  1. This is absolutely inane.

    Posted by Caleb | June 23, 2010, 1:25 am

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