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Everyone knows that Sam Brownback is going to be the Republican nominee for governor, right? Well, don’t tell that to Joan Heffington.

Heffington, a former Boeing employee living in Derby who founded the Association for Honest Attorneys, filed for the Republican primary.

Her platform is, to say the least, interesting.

-Sign into law only those bills that have 2/3 approval of the people

-Require that a Biblical and Constitutional reason exist for the passage of any new laws

-Allow teaching of Christianity vs. evolution in schools

-Introduce a “No Child Left Alone” Act so that working parents can adjust their start/stop times to take their children to and from school (families first!)

-Stop fraud and corruption by overhauling our legal system, electing all judges and creating citizen review boards

-Review all complaints against judges, courts, police, schools, etc. & ensure settlement without litigation

-Introduce a justice amendment offering effective assistance of counsel in a civil matter to those who can’t afford it

-Review jail population for false/frivolous charges; if found, charges will be expunged & person released

-Repeal the War Powers Act so that Congress and the people must vote on decisions to go to war

-Support FAIR tax/eliminate property tax for persons 65 & older

-Review all bankruptcy/foreclosures and if fraud is discovered, mortgage is forgiven.

“Whereas the Book of Leviticus states”…

It’s not surprising that much of her platform focuses on litigation “reform” given her personal history. From her association’s website:

The Association for Honest Attorneys began in 2003, after its founder and CEO, Joan Heffington, had been forced to represent herself and her husband in a case involving negligence, conspiracy and fraud. The defendants and their attorneys violated their 5th Amendment right to due process of law by influencing attorneys not to represent them and influencing the news media not to do a story so they couldn’t get an attorney. Ms. Heffington spent an estimated $20,000 and 2200 hours trying to litigate the case herself. She appeared at some 26 hearings and conducted nine depositions against six corporate attorneys before the district court dismissed all claims. “She appealed her case to the United States Supreme Court in an effort to ensure “justice for all”, not just for those with the most money. But her case was denied review on March 29, 2004.” Her experiences, advice and suggestions for improving the legal system are detailed in her book, Ten Secrets You Must Know Before Hiring a Lawyer.

As the association’s site states, their ultimate goal is passing a “Justice Amendment” to the United States Constitution.

1. A person would have the right to effective assistance of counsel in a civil matter if he can’t afford it (the same as a criminal matter); and

2. Computerization of evidence would be required before any lawsuits could be filed or any charges brought against a person or entity. Evidence would be presented for evaluation according to the “Farr Factor” – a computer program which is written to calculate the percentage of likelihood that the alleged defendant is guilty of the wrong for which he is accused. The “Farr Factor” is the determinating factor in any legal claim before a lawsuit can be filed or charges brought. It must be divulged to all parties prior to any litigation, and is used to calculate damages.

Somehow I doubt we’ll be seeing the Farr Factor used anytime soon.

While no one expects Heffington to go anywhere, she could serve as an interesting distraction if she tries to campaign across the state in any kind of meaningful way.

P.S. Those looking for more Heffington should check out the website of her running mate, Pastor Mark Holick, here.


About Jonathan Shorman

A journalism student at The University of Kansas and columnist for The University Daily Kansan.


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