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Tiahrt and Rove call Moran out on vote/fundraiser

The Tiahrt campaign released this transcript from its Karl Rove rallies over the past weekend.

Says Rove:

There was a vote December 2001 on Trade Promotion Authority – this is giving the president the ability to have, to negotiate, a trade deal to knock down the obstacles and export the American goods and services abroad and guarantee that the Congress will have to take up that trade deal and vote on it up or down. It’s important to Kansas, it’s important to this part of the state to sell more airplanes, manufactured right here. It means it’s important to Kansas because it means we have the stronger tools to negotiate agreements and we’d knock down the obstacles that would allow people around the world to buy Kansas wheat and Kansas beef and eat it in places like South Korea.

We’ve got an important vote, and the Democrats, which were willing to give trade promotion authority agreements, you know, to Clinton said: We’re not willing to give it to George W. Bush. And we have a tough vote, and we have to meet with Jerry Moran and ask him for his vote. And he didn’t have a problem with Trade Promotion Authority. Oh, no. The president ought to have that authority. He wanted a fundraiser.

In return for his vote he wanted the Secretary of Commerce to come into his district to raise him money. We said Congressman, ‘You didn’t even have an opponent in the last election. You have hundreds of thousands of dollars in your campaign account. You ran against a libertarian last November. You’ve got one of the deepest red districts in the country. We’ve got a lot of candidates up in 2002 that are going to be desperate to win and desperate to hang on. We only have a limited amount of time. Wouldn’t you rather have the Secretary of Commerce going and doing a fundraiser for someone who clearly needed the help? And he said: No, you are not going to get my vote unless I get that fundraiser from Don Evans.

It’s worth noting that Moran did vote for the bill in question. Moran Communications Director Dan Conston responded with:

“The Tiahrt campaign’s latest assertion is about as credible as their now infamous ‘push-poll’ accusation. Without ever asking for or receiving a fundraiser, Jerry voted for the Trade Promotion Act in 2001 when it ultimately died in the Senate and then again in July 2002 when it ultimately gained final passage in the Senate and was signed by the president.”



3 thoughts on “Tiahrt and Rove call Moran out on vote/fundraiser

  1. Didn’t the Cap Journal report that the fundraising comment was baseless and the Tiahrt camp could not come up with any proof or comment about the story being valid?

    They are really making me mad.

    Posted by kansas4ever | June 16, 2010, 9:46 pm
  2. Well, they do have the former Senior Advisor/Deputy Chief of Staff to Pres. GWB claiming this… seems like a pretty reputable source to me!

    Posted by Caleb | June 17, 2010, 4:04 am
  3. I guess next time Rove should bring newsclippings with him to wave in the air to substantiate his claims. I actually think that Moran should start bringing proof of his claims because I don’t know if I can believe anything he says anymore. He was talking at the KRA convention last week about how he was the one that authored the concealed carry bill in the Kansas senate and then Tiahrt’s wife got up to speak and she had the newspaper clippings in her hand which proved that Tiahrt, not Moran, was the author of the bill. Then he says on the radio today that he has had 2, no 3 debates with Tiahrt already. Is this true? I’ve never heard of them though I could be wrong.

    Posted by maverick1985 | June 17, 2010, 5:47 am

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