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Office of the Repealer

The Office of the Repealer, other than sounding like the title of a cheap action movie, is an idea put forward this week by gubernatorial candidate Sen. Sam Brownback.

“People just love this idea,” Brownback told The New York Times. “They feel like they’re getting their brains regulated out of them.”

The idea, laid out in detail here by The New York Times, is that an office should be established in Kansas to look specifically for unnecessary laws, regulation and government programs that could then be repealed. As The Lawrence Journal-World pointed out, Brownback has yet to say what specifically he would like repealed.

And although the Repealer may prove a popular (or at least buzzworthy) campaign promise, it’s actual effectiveness would remain to be seen, given that while such an office could identify unnecessary laws and regulations, the actual repealing would be up to the legislature in most cases.

In response to an inquiry from Prairie Politics, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Holland released the following statement:

“This sounds like the same campaign gimmick he rolled out fifteen years ago on his way to Washington. But once he got there, he voted for more spending, put us deeper into debt and personally sponsored billions in earmarks.

“Tom Holland knows how to make government work smaller and smarter because he’s a businessman, not a Washington politician. Tom’s expertise is in balancing the books, making a payroll and eliminating inefficiencies. That’s the sort of business-minded governor Tom will be – not a career politician like Sam Brownback.”


About Jonathan Shorman

A journalism student at The University of Kansas and columnist for The University Daily Kansan.


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