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Tiahrt picks up Rove endorsement

Karl Rove will endorse Todd Tiahrt for U.S. Senate on Saturday, in a pair of rallies in Wichita and Overland Park.

The release by the Tiahrt campaign states:

Rove served as Senior Advisor and later Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush. Rove became known as the architect of President Bush’s 2000 and 2004 political successes and is considered one of the most influential political minds of our time. While at the White House Rove oversaw the Offices of Strategic Initiatives, Political Affairs, Public Liaison, and Intergovernmental Affairs and was Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy, coordinating the White House policy-making process. Rove is now a Fox News contributor, a best-selling author, writes a weekly op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, and is a Newsweek columnist.

Rove said, “Todd Tiahrt has been in every important fight for conservatives over the last 16 years. He’s a conservative we can count when the battle is tough. I’m proud to back him for the U.S. Senate.”



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