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New Tiahrt ad puts Moran and Obama together

Todd Tiahrt debuted a new ad today, called “Headlines”

Tiahrt Communications Director Michelle Schroeder said the following:

“Congressman Moran praised the Nancy Pelosi/ Democrat takeover of Congress and embraced Obama when he thought the mood of the country had shifted to the left.  It is becoming clear to the voters of Kansas that Congressman Moran is not who they thought him to be, and he is certainly not a consistent conservative,” continued Schroeder. “It is time for Congressman Moran to tell the voters of Kansas if, after countless bailouts and the passage of ObamaCare, he still believes a Pelosi-led House and President Obama have been ‘good for the country.'”

“Todd Tiahrt’s record as a conservative champion is clear, and the voters of Kansas know they can trust him to fight for lower taxes and conservative principles just as he has done his entire career,” said Schroeder.



One thought on “New Tiahrt ad puts Moran and Obama together

  1. Hmm. Being a constituent of Moran’s for quite some time, this ad seems like Tiahrt pulled a lot of things heavily out of context. I dunno, I guess, but it sure does put a bad taste in my mouth for Tiahrt- mostly because the ONLY thing I see from him is ugly. I’m wondering why I actually don’t know much about this guy except that he hates Jerry Moran, maybe that’s because he wants to BE Jerry? ha!… I DO know I’m getting tired of it and I am anxious for August.

    Posted by kansas4ever | June 10, 2010, 3:32 pm

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