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Moran responds to latest Tiahrt ad

Moran is mixing it up again with Tiahrt over how his record is portrayed in Tiahrt’s campaign ads.

Says Moran Communications Director Dan Conston:

“It’s not surprising that Washington Todd’s ads are 2-for-2 in negativity. It also figures that Tiahrt’s desperation would lead him to attack Jerry Moran for consistently opposing Washington’s out-of-control spending. As a member of Washington’s spending committee, it’s been Tiahrt’s prerogative and in his interest for years to make Washington spending higher and higher, while keeping it hidden from the public. That’s why in 2005 Todd Tiahrt told the Wichita Eagle that since moving to Washington and joining the spending committee, he now supports more government spending. He said, “Now we’re more pragmatic. I’m on the ‘approps’ committee, and I probably vote for more [spending] than I did before.”

Conston added:

“It’s true when they say there are three parties in Washington, Republicans, Democrats, and Appropriators – and Todd Tiahrt is an appropriator. While Jerry Moran’s record on Kansas’ behalf of opposing more Washington spending extends to both when Republicans and Democrats propose it, Todd Tiahrt’s priorities have consistently rested with a whole different constituency: Washington and its lobbyists and spending interests. The question remains: just how low will Todd Tiahrt take his campaign as he fights for Washington’s lobbyists and his beloved spending committee?”



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