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Moran responds to Tiahrt in new ad

Whatever the Tiahrt campaign has been up to, it definitely grabbed the attention of the Moran campaign given this ad that debuted today.

Note that this has some of the harshest language out of the Moran campaign to date, calling Tiahrt another politician that has “gone Washington.” What really stands out, however, is the accusation that Tiahrt voted against disclosure of earmarks in House Resolution 6 in 2007.

Looking at the bill tells a slightly different story.

H Res 6 was part of the rules package for the 110th Congress. In it was a provision of PayGo, or pay as you go spending. Tiahrt, along with Americans for Tax Reform, have been on record opposing PayGo, which would, in essence, sunset tax cuts while extending spending polices. In the PayGo bundle was a provision for earmark disclosure, which in roll call vote number nine, was opposed by Tiahrt because of the PayGo provision.

The next vote on H Res 6 was a GOP sponsored motion to recommit which stripped PayGo from the resolution, but kept the earmark disclosure provisions. Tiahrt is on the record voting for this, as was Moran.

Looking at one vote in a bundle, on one issue, on it’s face it would factually appear to validate the ad. However, in context with the PayGo provisions, and given Tiahrt’s affirmative vote on earmark disclosure without PayGo provisions, the attack only stands up for the interval between roll call vote number nine and roll call vote number 10 – a space of 21 minutes.



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