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Tiahrt issues statement on job growth

Todd Tiahrt took aim at the Obama administration over a jobs report that showed 95 percent of job creation in May was a result of temporary jobs from the U.S. Census.

“It is unfortunate the Obama administration is too busy creating jobs for Democrats in tough primaries— while all they have to offer the American people are temporary, taxpayer-funded jobs that will disappear within weeks,” said Tiahrt.”

“May’s devastating jobs report should be a huge red flag to President Obama and Speaker Pelosi that we are on the wrong course. Small businesses—the backbone of our economy— are being strangled by over taxation and onerous regulations coming from the Obama administration. How are jobs supposed to be created when a huge percentage of their income is taken to grow a bigger Washington?

If all President Obama has to offer are more policies of higher taxes, runaway spending, record debt and deficits, bailouts, and mandates— then he can keep his ‘change’. We need to build the economy from the ground up and do everything possible to foster an environment where the private-sector— the true job creators— can thrive and get Americans back on the job.”

Tiahrt makes an excellent point here, given the Obama Administration’s tendency to play fast and loose with economic numbers. Last year, The Sentinel took a look at stimulus funds spent in McPherson County, discovering that most of the funds were either a complete surprise to those listed as receiving them, or were subsidies groups usually were given that were simply renamed.



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