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More Mythbusters

Todd Tiahrt sent out a new Moran Mythbuster piece this morning that attacks Jerry Moran’s “hypocrisy” on earmarks.

Tiahrt claims Moran”…requested and supported more than $250 million in appropriation and authorization earmarks (30 appropriations earmarks totaling more than $35 million; $54.8 million in defense authorization earmarks; and more than $162 million in surface transportation earmark requests).”

Specifically, the mythbuster release points out Moran’s support of the National Defense Authorization Act  for FY 2010, with subsequent earmarks. However, looking at the record votes for the act, Moran and Tiahrt’s votes are identical across the board. Furthermore, on surface transportation earmark requests, Tiahrt actually supports a transportation project in Moran’s district, as was stated on his website:

Construction of a Bypass on US-54 at Pratt, Kansas

• The funding for this project will be used to construct a bypass on US-54 at Pratt, Kansas. The first segment of the construction project to 4-lane the facility in the two counties was begun last year.

• $100,000,000

As far as the hypocrisy angle, well, this statement on a March 15, 2010 Tiahrt legislative update really says it all.

Earmark Reform Long Overdue

On Thursday, House Republicans made great strides in changing the way Washington spends the People’s tax dollars. I was pleased to support a one-year moratorium on all authorization and appropriation earmarks.

During a time of trillion-dollar debts and trillion-dollar bailouts, Kansas taxpayers should know where their hard-earned money is being directed. And Congress should be more judicious and fiscally constrained in how it spends money.

We must put in place long-term rules and boundaries to which the administration and Congress adhere. That’s why Congressman Zach Wamp and I introduced an earmark reform bill (H. Con. Res 201) last October that would impose an across-the-board moratorium on all earmarks while a special joint committee offers solutions for making the process more transparent to the public. With more sunshine comes more accountability.

This is a bizarre strategy by the Tiahrt campaign, which has been on full attack mode against Moran from day one. One has to wonder if they look at their own record at all, given Tiahrt’s position on the appropriations committee, and given Tiahrt’s commanding lead in securing earmarks out of the Kansas House Delegation. It’s like hearing someone who owns a steakhouse endorsing vegetarianism.

To read the whole Mythbuster release, click here



One thought on “More Mythbusters

  1. Great metaphor…or would that be a simile? Anyway, love it.


    Posted by kansassitysinic | June 4, 2010, 8:56 pm

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