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Tiahrt issues statement on Israel ship raid

Senate Candidate Todd Tiahrt issued the following statement on Israel’s raid on a ship delivering supplies to Gaza.

Israel has every right to defend itself from terrorist threats. While loss of life is always regrettable, much of the world has rushed to judgment without full knowledge of the facts or situation. Given the constant terrorist attacks waged by Hamas in Gaza against innocent Israeli civilians, Israel is absolutely right to have a blockade formed to ensure weapons do not find their way into Gaza and into the hands of terrorists. Humanitarian aid is delivered to Gaza routinely through a legal process. However, it is clear this flotilla was trying to send a political message rather than deliver humanitarian supplies.

I am deeply disappointed in the handling of this crisis by the Obama administration. By seemingly ignoring the facts, the administration appears more interested in appeasing liberal special interest groups than standing with one of our closest and most important allies. President Obama has said in the past that the White House has an ‘unshakable commitment’ to Israel’s security— it’s time the President live up to that promise. The Obama administration should support a fair inquiry of the Gaza incident—but be cautious about information coming from those who seek harm to Israel.

It is our moral and strategic obligation to stand strong with the Israeli people and support this beacon of democracy in the Middle East— and against anyone who seeks destruction.



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