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Parkinson responds to veto critique

Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson responded to a critique of his vetoes yesterday by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, which were included in a press release from the Tim Huelskamp campaign.

Said the governor:

I understand that as the Legislature heads home in an election year, things tend to take a political turn. However, I find myself once again completely dismayed at the behavior of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce.

The three largest utilities in Kansas – Westar Energy, KCP&L and Sunflower Electric – are all members of the Kansas Chamber.

Each of those companies contacted my office, asking that I veto the Huelskamp Proviso. They each stated that allowing it to become law would delay projects – thus delaying, jobs, economic development and growth for our state.

After consulting with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, I agreed with this interpretation. The Huelskamp proviso was bad public policy. Therefore, I vetoed it.

I would expect that the Chamber would be thankful that the wishes of its members – companies which employ hundreds of Kansans, contribute to our economy and keep our lights on – were met.

But instead, they reacted with another political attack – and categorized their own members, who were the ‘real beneficiaries’ of this veto, as ‘radical environmentalists’.

This constant rhetoric from the Kansas Chamber must stop. It is a black eye upon our state as we try to recruit companies to Kansas. Businesses expect the state chamber to be a common sense, balanced entity. Instead, it has become a partisan political machine that is counter-productive to our efforts to create jobs, grow the economy and move Kansas forward.


One thought on “Parkinson responds to veto critique

  1. Huelskamp is getting hammered from every direction on this, as he should. He is a bad, hot-headed, irresponsible, ineffective legislator.

    Posted by kspolitico | May 28, 2010, 6:03 pm

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