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Moran finally throws an elbow

Not content with letting Todd Tiahrt have all the fun, the Jerry Moran campaign threw some fire of its own today, referencing a vote on a resolution honoring American soldiers that Tiahrt missed to be at a fundraiser. It should be noted that 1) this expresses the opinion of the House without force of law and 2) it’s nice to get some original content/quotes from the Moran camp – especially ones that make it look like they want to get in the ring with a campaign that’s had all the subtlety of a demolition derby from day one.

Says the release:

“When faced with the opportunity to honor America’s veterans or attend a Washington fundraiser, Todd Tiahrt chose spending time with his Washington buddies over America’s veterans,” said Moran Communications Director Dan Conston. “In a state with 5 military installations and hundreds of thousands of active-duty military and veterans, this is just the latest example of Mr. Tiahrt putting Washington ahead of Kansas. Perhaps his desire to keep a job in Washington is getting in the way of Kansas’ best interests.”



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