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‘Moran Mythbusters’ campaign debuts

The Tiahrt campaign is continuing to hammer on Jerry Moran with a new radio ad campaign called the “Moran Mythbusters Project,” which, according to the press release will, “…refute, through well documented and undeniable proof, the myriad of myths which Congressman Moran repeats on the campaign trail. The Moran Mythbusters’ first myth is a cornerstone of Congressman Moran’s talking points: Moran’s claim to be a friend to Kansas Taxpayers.”

“Congressman Moran has tried to convince the Kansas voters that he is a conservative, but that is simply not the case. Through well documented and undeniable proof, the Moran Mythbusters will expose Congressman Moran’s voting record and reveal the truth behind the smile,” said Michelle Schroeder, spokesperson for the Tiahrt campaign. “Congressman Moran voted with Nancy Pelosi and the liberal Democrats in opposing the permanent extension of the 2001 Bush tax cuts, he sponsored legislation to raise sales and income taxes and no amount of slick Washington spin can change those facts.”

The new ad connected with the Mythbuster motif is called “Never Run Away”. It makes Tiahrt’s previous rhetoric play like the theme song from “Barney & Friends”,  and pulls zero punches.

It makes you wonder – “what was he thinking?”

The Washington politician who tried to hide a disturbing truth…behind a smile.

We’re talking about Congressman Moran. And his unforgivable record…of raising taxes.

Because it was Moran who voted for higher income taxes, higher property taxes, and higher sales taxes.

Then, he RAN…turning his back on conservatives by voting with Pelosi and other liberals to block historic tax cuts.

And WHEN he ran, Congressman Moran deserted his party, and the promises he made.

Moran raises taxes and votes with Pelosi.

Todd Tiahrt? He’s the Kansas conservative who fights taxes and Obama liberals.in a race to save his country.

I’m Todd Tiahrt and I approve this message.

Paid for by Kansans for Tiahrt, in the tradition of Kansas conservatives who never run away…from what they believe.

I’ll say this for Tiahrt, he knows the rules of message delivery, which can be likened to chopping down a tree. You pick one spot and chop until it falls. However, this is strong medicine, and continues the negative trend which has permeated most of his campaign rhetoric. Will it play? Time will tell.

The ad can be heard here.



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