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Tiahrt keeps negative trend in new ad

Todd Tiahrt released a new ad this week called “I Love America. The script as as follows:

Behind this smile rests a disturbing truth. about Congressman Moran.

His tax record.

Moran votes for higher income, property, and sales taxes.

Then, he turns his back on conservatives and his party, voting with Pelosi to block tax cuts.

Moran raises taxes and votes with Pelosi.

Todd Tiahrt is a Kansas conservative who hates taxes and takes on liberals, in a fight to save his country.

I’m Todd Tiahrt and I approve this message.

Says the release accompanying the ad:

“Todd Tiahrt is the one true conservative in the race for U.S. Senate and we intend to reveal the truth that Jerry Moran is not who he claims to be,” said Michelle Schroeder, spokesperson for the Tiahrt campaign. “Jerry Moran is trying to deceive the voters of Kansas into believing he is a fiscal conservative, but his record of supporting tax increases throughout his career proves that to be indisputably false.”

Due respect for the Tiahrt campaign, but I don’t know how the “Liar, liar, pants on fire,” strategy is going to play here. Polling indicates it isn’t picking up much traction. The push poll accusations with the poll Moran released last week pretty much blew up in their face. The question here is, no matter how it’s framed or phrased, is more negativity what’s really needed here?



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